Monday, January 11, 2010

Domestic Disturbances

We started working on our baby registry which is exciting and very overwhelming at the same time. We are very lucky that we have friends and family members that are letting us reuse some of the items they have out grown which is a huge help but still need a lot.

When I walk into Target or Babies R Us to work on the registry I feel like I am walking into battle. We started online with Target and grew rather frustrated since their website sucks. We put in Waterproof bibs and books came up. Mind you the books were not even baby related. Oye, so we decided to just go to the store. That is fine in theory but once we got there we realized that they do not have a large section of baby items in the store and that they have even less neutral colors. By the end of our trip there I was hungry, tired, thirsty and my feet hurt. It was at that point that I didn't care what the freak we registered for and didn't care what my hubby thought and I just sat on the floor. I didn't care if I looked homeless (something my friend Kim has said in past vacations) I sat on the floor. Hubby quickly realized that he better get his ticking time bomb of a wife out of the store and that's exactly what he did. Smart man.

A few weeks later I was feeling better and we started on our Babies R Us registry. When we first got there it was pretty busy which was to be expected and we had to wait for a scanner. No worries we had tons to look at. A few moments later I decide I will use the ladies room but remind hubby to listen for my name to be called so we can get the scanner. As I am leaving the ladies room I think I hear my name over the loud speaker so I ask hubby. He tells me nope they haven't called me. Okay, we keeping waiting. Then a moment later I hear my name very clearly over the speakers. I turn to hubby and say they called us and we need to go. His response was they did? I wanted to punch him but I controlled my hands and we went to get the scanner.

Now using the scanner is fun, just point and click. We are going through the make shift list that I made and hubby is carrying the Baby Bargains book so we can reference it when needed. I don't mind looking at the book for a moment or two but when we are in the store I don't want to suddenly research the difference between baby gates. Just put it down on the list and we will look at the book when we are home. Well, hubby's plan is to research while we are shopping which makes me want to slap him but again I control my hands and we keep going. We get to pacifiers and we are looking at the age limit on them. Out of no where hubby says, well babies should not be using pacifiers over the age of 6 months according to research. It is at this point where I turn to him and tell him he is annoying me, sounds like a first time dad and I am seriously considering walking out on his ass. I take a few deep breaths and turn to another aisle. At this point I don't care any more and just keep moving. He catches up with me after a few and we are able to finish the registry for the day.

I swear, I think baby registry places have more domestic disturbances than bars. Is there any research on this stuff? The moral of this story is that I think Babies R Us and other stores like them must have security guards posing as pregnant people, you need to.

*Side note: 1. Pregnancy has made me angry so look out. 2. Hubby really does try to help out and does take really good care of me. 3. I try to use my words and tell him when I am frustrated because he is not a mind reader. 4. My mood changes pretty quickly and soon hubby said something silly and I was laughing.

The something silly that made me laugh ....
Me: I need to get a sundae after this.
Hubby: But its Saturday not Sunday.


debbie said...

you are toooo funny

Christian said...

I thought registering was going to be so fun...but Babies R Us proved otherwise, lol. Keep an eye on your registry as time goes on, items get discontinued and they don't bother to tell you. Also, things you registered for IN STORE suddenly become only available online. Just a couple o the annoyances to be aware of!

Kim said...

Loving your homeless commment! :)