Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Side Note: This past weekend I didn't end up getting my hair highlighted because hubby's family had an emergency so we had to head down to NJ. Everything is ok now. While we were down there we celebrated Christmas and one of the things hubby got was a New York Yankee's blanket from his Aunt and Uncle. Hubby is a Yankee's fan and I am a Red Sox fan .. it makes things interesting.

Earlier this evening hubby grabbed his new blanket and was bringing it upstairs to bed.

Me: Why are you bringing that blanket up here?
Hubby: So if you get cold you have a blanket.
Me: I would rather be cold.
Hubby: Well, I will put it right by the bed so if you get cold it will be the first blanket you reach for.
Me: I don't want it.

Hubby then trips on the stairs and the blanket goes flying. Karma. Don't mess with a Red Sox fan or you will fall down.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Facebook Pict

I was on Facebook and saw that one of my friends had commented about a picture that one of her friends put up. I guess this friend's baby was not thrilled with Santa. After reading a few comments I decided I needed to see this picture ... I was not ready for below.

I don't even know whose baby this is but oh my.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Miracle

YES! YES! YES!!! My hairdresser and my eye waxer (ok proper name of esthetic) can see me this week. It is a Christmas miracle!!! I am so excited if I could do back flips I would.

Let me back up:

We moved to Stoughton last year and I had still been going to a hairdresser in Medford because I worked in Boston so it really wasn't bad to go after work. Well I stopped working in Boston this past September and in order to go to Medford I really need to go on a Sat which stinks because it is super busy and there is no parking.

Over Halloween I got my hair dyed dark and covered up the blonde .. that was good then but now I want to be brighter and need some blonde love. I have been trying to wait to find a place around my new home but I don't want to go to just anyone .. I don't think I am stuck up or snobby but I don't trust my hair to just anyway .. hello this is my hair we are talking about. So weeks have gone by and I have not found anyone and then I find a place but haven't gone in yet to see what it looks like so still no appt.

This past weekend my grays became so bad I had to buy hair dye from CVS and do it myself. Well I covered up the grays but it also darkened my hair and I feel vampirish (not cool for me). So I waited a day and then last night dyed my hair again (I have really thick hair so I can get away with this) but its still not much lighter.

Why? Why? Why did I not just go to Medford where I am loved and love them?? Finally it came to me ... who cares about the 45 - 1 hour commute .. I love them and need to be with them. I called a few moments ago to see if she had any room for me this Saturday for a full set of foils and she does!! OMG!! I am so happy.

Part 2:
Eyebrows, we all know I am trying to grow them out because mine are super thin and I think I need them to be a little fuller but do you know how hard it is? Try not shaving your bikini area during the swimsuit season and them come talk to me.

I am really trying to wait 3 weeks before going but it is very hard. This past weekend I never made an appt and realized that my eyebrows look like eyebrows of a wolverine. Yikes! I called to ask if she has any appts for Sat and then I took a chance .. I know its a long shot but any way she has time tomorrow afternoon? Yes - really! OMG .. again SO happy!!

If everyone could feel this good then there would be no war, we would all be at peace.

God bless my Christmas Angels and Merry Christmas to everyone!


The other night hubby and I decided to have a date night .. you know get dressed up, use the good perfume and head out to a nice dinner. I feel like we haven't done this in forever and I wanted to wear something a little sexy; however, also warm since it was freezing out. Sadly, I realized I don't have something cute & sexy for the winter months. I have a couple of shirts for the spring, summer and early fall but I got nothing for winter. It was SO depressing .. all my cute shirts are short sleeves and I wanted something long because my arms wear cold. I really wanted to wear something that I don't wear to work and I was stumped ... I had nothing.

Hopefully Santa is bringing me lots of gift cards to different clothing shops and I can fix this situation. Bring on the hot long sleeve shirts!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

All day today everyone has been like "the snows coming around 11:30", "I heard we are getting 10 inches", "Are you ready for the snow?", "we are suppose to get hit hard", "Attleboro is getting hit the worse you got to get out of here" ... all of these were by 9am and I would look outside and not see any snow or rain. Then at 1:55pm the snow started to come down ... holy cow it is coming down so fast. At 2:15 we were told we can leave at 2:30 (woo hoo) and I began the trek home. It usually takes me 25-30 mins but today it took 1 hour. The traffic wasn't bad just slow .. nothing was plowed so you need to go slow which is fine by me .. rather get home safe then not. I put on hubby's 4x4 and off I was .. everything was great till I got onto my street and the car slid and turned me halfway around .. it literally happened in a nanosecond .. crazy. Anyway I am home safe and warm but sadly need to go back out again in 2 hours when hubby gets home from work. I am picking him up at the train station .. grrr .. wish he could teleport.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Need more time in the day

Seriously, I need way more time in the day. Why do I always overextend myself???? I love being around people and helping people but I need to take a moment and take time for myself ... yikes. I am hoping that storm we get this weekend forces me to stay in and not do to much .. I need a day off like woah!!

So I have been super busy lately and want to update everyone. Monday night we went to Target to get our final xmas gifts. I made a list and we went right after work. Silly me I was still wearing heels as I walked up and down the aisle trying to figure if my cousins son would like the gift I get him even though I haven't seen him in two years. oye. As we paced up and down, up and down, between all the carts and people I began to think "Why the hell did I wear heels??" then I began to wonder "Why didn't I have a drink or two before coming?" Next year I am buying earlier, wearing jeans and sneakers and going drunk.

Tuesday night I went to Weight Watchers and stayed for the whole meeting cause I loss 2.4 pounds so I am back to a loss of 20.4 ... woo hoo! I am excited. Hubby and I have been going to the gym in the morning and it is paying off .. thank goodness or I wouldn't be going.

Wednesday night was a doctor's appt and then grocery shopping. We had a potluck at work and I was making my WW turkey chili so I had to get the ingredients and then make it. oye. I was so tired and my feet were hurting again which reminded me that man I do really need a drink.

Tonight we met up with my cousins, one who is preggers and due in 9 weeks. They showed us the ultrasound picts and you could see a profile .. we think she is a going to have a long forehead like daddy but you never know. We also found out the name today .. Sophia Nicole. Precious.

I know I have more to tell but thats all the time I have now .. hope to post a pict or two of the White Trash Bacherlorette party cause it was fun. The whole time driving there I was chanting "don't get pulled over" "don't get pulled over". I was dressed like a whore, cause thats what you wear to a white trash party, and Victoria's Secret had nothing on my boobs. Also Peter the Pecker was sitting in the front seat .. it was hard not to use him as a stick shift.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Check off the list

I stuffed all the Christmas cards and put them in the mail this morning. Woo Hoo. Also Hubby and I decided to buy a new laptop because mine is pretty bad and creates more aggravation then it helps. We are going to use this as our main Christmas gifts to each other because we can't really afford to buy a new computer and other gifts. We are going to wrap it up and not use it till Christmas ... awww the joys of being an adult.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things to do

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is approaching and I am still not ready. I am sitting down constructing my "To Do List" and realize I have so much to do and very seriously very little time.

To Do List:
Thursday (today)
- make choc chip cookies, put Xmas cards in envelopes and address them (only 150 to do - I know - I am really not that popular but somehow we have that many) plus put up Christmas decoartions

Friday - Hubby's Holiday Party, leaving work early so I can curl my hair and get dressed up ... its open bar, app's and dinner so it should be good

Saturday - I am going to a "White Trash" Bacherlorette Party. I bought this crazy dress and bought a new push up bra so I am ready. Plus I volunteered to make the big penis cake because I have a huge penis cake tray from prior parties .. oh ya plus I need to blow up the blow up doll. His name is Peter Pecker. It should be fun traveling with him in the car ... do I put him in the trunk or do I buckle him in the front seat?? Plus we need to buy our Xmas tree

Sunday - Clean house, hang 200 ornaments on the tree, finish Christmas shopping, then make a turkey dinner for my parents who will be coming up for the evening

Monday - Eye doctor appt in the morning so I have to work late that day to make up some of the hours because I can't use my sick time at work yet since I have only been here 1 1/2 months

Tuesday - Go to my Weight Watcher meeting even though its very frustrating. I had lost 21 pounds and over Thanksgiving gained a little so I have lost only 18 pounds but I am going to keep working it.

Wednesday - I have another doctor appt in the evening after work (whenever I change insurance I always meet with all my docts for some reason)

Thursday - Dinner with my cousins which we have been trying to schedule for like 2 weeks. She is preggers and due in late Feb.

Friday - Leave for New Jersey

Saturday - Going to the very famous Morgan's Christmas Party .. although I found out today its dressy .. men wear suits and I need a dress. I just hate black dresses in the winter because I feel so pale and pasty .. I don't want to go tanning cause I know its bad but I need something.

Sunday - Return to MA

Monday - Holy crap Christmas is in 3 days. I will probably be wrapping all my presents and still finalizing.

Tuesday - Really need to go to Weight Watchers then off to the grocery store to get everything for Christmas Eve and Morning since it will be at my house.

Wednesday - Leave work a little early because my in-law will be arriving and need to get everything out and ready for them.

Thursday - Ahhh Christmas ... we go to my Aunts house for Christmas dinner so no work there ... sigh.

PS I need to buy my husband a gift ... when can I squeeze that in???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Utube Gods

I wish I had a tape of our First Dance at our wedding but I will have to settle for this instead. Man, if I had only thought of this before hand. hubby and I could have been Gods of Utube.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread Man

One of my favorite commercials of the holiday season.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

J & B's Wedding

Last night was wonderful. J looked beautiful in her dress and B was very handsome with his new haircut. The ceremony was quick, the wine flowed, the steak was amazing and the music rocked. Hubby and I got some good dancing in and had a really romantic time. J & B left this morning for Napa Valley so while we have the snow and the cold they will be warm, sunny and full of wine.

Happy Honeymoon to them!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"I Object"

"I Object" was funny when Donkey said it in Shrek; however, this is not cool at an actual wedding. I forgot to mention that last night at the rehearsal the Reverend told us a story ... apparently one wedding that his colleague performed the mother of the groom objected. She apparently stated "I object, I liked your old girlfriend better". OMG!!! The wedding still went on but can you imagine what the reception was like!?!?

Rehearsal Dinner

Last night we went to J&B's wedding rehearsal. My hubby is one of the groomsmen and I got to attend as well. The rehearsal went really well and it made me tear up when they said their vows. It reminded me of our vows almost 6 months ago.

After the ceremony we all headed to dinner, we went to The Mill Wharf in Scituate Dinner was great. B's parents made it very impressive with everyone starting with a cup of Clam Chowda ... SO good. Then we all had Shrimp Cocktail, these shrimp were the largest I had ever seen and very tasty. Then they served stuffed mushrooms with a nice stuffing and melted cheese on top. OMG, first I love mushrooms and don't eat them often since hubby doesn't like them, secondly I love stuffed mushrooms especially with a little cheese. These were great.

After all the app's it was time to order dinner. I couldn't decide between their 16 oz steak or their baked stuffed scallops. After having the mushrooms I decided to keep with the stuffed theme and went with the scallops. They didn't disappoint at all. Plus they came with butternut squash, whipped potatoes and green beans. I truly felt like they made this meal just for me because those are all my favorites. Add 3 glasses of Chardonnay to the mix and it was just a wonderful meal.

Thanks to B's parents for such a wonderful meal!

Hooray For Heat

So our furnace guy was able to fix the furnace and all is right with the world. He had to stay till about 9:30pm on Tuesday but it is working. It is so nice to have a warm home and also warm water. There is nothing worst then washing your hands, face or any other body part in cold, freezing water. Buurrrrrr!

Now that we have heat I can try to clean up the house. We have TONS of dishes piled up and have been running the dishwasher constantly to try to catch up. Also the house is just a mess .. its hard to clean when you are cold.

My goal for Sunday is to finish cleaning the house and bring out the holiday decorations. I figure if we can decorate inside and put up the outside lights this weekend then we can get the tree and decorate that next weekend. It's my plan and hopefully it comes together.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cross Your Fingers

Yayay!! Our furnace guy is here with the part we need and he is installing as we speak. In just a few hours we will have heat. I am so thankful!!

PS I am glad my birthday is not around the corner cause I am sick of blowing out candles.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Broken Furnace

I am freezing. This past Tuesday we had our furnace guy come over because our furnace wasn't working quite right and there was lots of soot everywhere. When our guy stopped by he noticed flames in the furnace where flames should not be so he had to shut if off because of safety issues.

Furnace off means:
No Heat + No Hot Water = Not Happy Wife

So we left for New Jersey Wednesday night and only had to deal with no heat and no hot water for a little bit. Not the best but not the worst. Our guy has been searching high and low for the part we need because we would rather get the part then replace the furnace. Saturday night I came home with my parents since hubby is going to the Jets/Broncos game today. When we got home last night it was frigid. Our thermostat gets as low as 44 degrees and sure enough thats what it said the house was at. YIKES~~

Last night sucked trying to stay warm. We had every candle lit and if you know me you know I have tons of them. We had the oven on and cracked to let heat in. I was throwing blankets into the dryer every few mins just to stay warm. Last night I slept so pourly in part because I was cold but also because my cat wanted some love and kept waking me up. It sucked.

Today we were hoping our guy would come fix the furnace but he couldn't locate the part we need ... grrrrr ... hopefully he will get it tomorrow. We will see. Maybe we will need to replace the whole thing, which would be expensive but we also need heat. Thankfully it hasn't been below the 30's because I don't want the pipes to burst.

Heading to a hotel tonight. I need to be warm and I need a shower.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!!

We went down to New Jersey to spend it with my in-laws. It is nice because my parents also come down and stay with us so it becomes a full house of 7 people plus add 4 more family members for Thanksgiving dinner and we have a tight squeeze.

Dinner was good although if I had it my way I would just have stuffing, mashed potatoes, extra gravy and a bottle of wine. Yep, I am a carb girl!!

Next weekend we have J & B's Wedding and I am super excited. It is the first wedding we are going to since we got married. A bunch of our friends will be there and I have no wedding pressure on me so it should be a blast. Plus I get to look at my oh so gorgeous hubby in a tux since he is part of the wedding party. Can't wait!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just Dance

New favorite song "Just Dance" by Lady GAGA (what a name) - this song makes me want to dance around and instantly cheers me up.

I’ve had a little bit too much
All of the people start to rush. Start to rush babe.
How does he twist the dance?
Can’t find my drink or man.

Where are my keys, I lost my phone.
What’s go-ing out on the floor?
I love this record baby, but I can’t see straight anymore.
Keep it cool what’s the name of this club?
I can’t remember but it’s alright, alright.

Just dance. Gunna be okay. Da-doo-doo-doo
Just dance. Spin that record babe. Da-doo-doo-doo
Just dance. Gunna be okay. Duh-duh-duh-duh
Dance. Dance. Dance. Ju-just dance.

I think its even better if you add your own lyrics and then rock out to the chorus

Our furnance broke, so we have no heat.
I am so cold but still have a heartbeat.

Just dance. Gunna be okay. Da-doo-doo-doo
Just dance. Spin that record babe. Da-doo-doo-doo
Just dance. Gunna be okay. Duh-duh-duh-duh
Dance. Dance. Dance. Ju-just dance

Our cat, the baby, is getting sick,
all she does is lick.
She is prone to UTI's
and all I want to do is cry.

Just dance. Gunna be okay. Da-doo-doo-doo
Just dance. Spin that record babe. Da-doo-doo-doo
Just dance. Gunna be okay. Duh-duh-duh-duh
Dance. Dance. Dance. Ju-just dance

I think this song will help me get through the holidays.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Text Msge Conversation

A: Runnin late as usual & hope they dont mind me using their kitchen 2 make my appetizer

M: No they won't mind I'm sure. I thought i'd be on time but i've decided i really need to wash my hair - i'm late to everything though

A: Me 2. We are hot like that.

M: You know it

A: Ya I do. I'm surprised more people don't give us $1 dollar bills when we walk by

M: I may be wearing a bikini tonight, just fyi.

A: Man if I had only shaved then I could wear one 2

M: Aw not even a year married and you're already getting lazy? Does Ed miss bikini waxes yet?

A: HaaHaa no he doesn't like getting them! Besides its cold, I need all the warmth I can get

M: Was that part of your vows? "I, Ed, promise to love my wife even though she's hairy in the winter.."

A: Yep it was! Just like I vowed 2 love him even if his ass smells like death

M: Lol

Friday, November 21, 2008


I have been trying to grow out my eyebrows because they are super thin and apparently that is not the style anymore. Also it would make my face look better if they were a tad thicker. In order to have better brows I have vowed not to pluck or wax on my own. I have turned to the experienced woman at Elizabeth Grady for all my needs.

Carolann has been fabulous and we always chat when she does them. She has told me that I really need to try to not touch them for 3 weeks and them come in. 3 weeks!?!? OMG, this was SO hard. I was like a crack fiend waiting for my next fix. I vowed not to pluck on my own but wait 3 weeks to be waxed was SO hard. The first time I made it 2 weeks and then this time I actually made it to 3 weeks. OMG~ my eyebrows were horrible, I kept wearing my glasses and pushed up far on my nose as to try to cover all the hair, plus I stopped wearing eye makeup because I didn't want to attract more attention up there.

So was it worth it? YES!!! My eyebrows look awesome and they are getting a little thicker ... I have so much faith in Carolann and she is the magic eyebrow maker!! God bless her.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Long Day

Today was a really long day at work .. I left the house at 8am and got home at 8pm .. yikes. Not every work day is like that but every now and then somethings come up. Not only was today long = work hours but I had a few things come up.

First, one of my staff told me that they are thinking of leaving and wanted to give me a heads up. (not leaving because they don't like job but getting degree in different field and wants to do that) As a supervisor I am happy to know things in advance however what do I do with this knowledge? I don't know if this person is leaving in 1 month or 4 months. They will give me their notice when it happens but what do I do till then?? This is the first time this has ever happened to me ... can't wait to meet with my boss tomorrow to discuss.

Second, went to a really long evening meeting. The meeting was going along very well till one member told another member "where were you when we were doing all this" ACKWARD!!!!! We are all helping for the common good so why are we pointing fingers. I was thinking in my head along with everyone else "Oh, no she didn't".

Let's just say I was needing a glass of wine around 3pm and the desire only became stronger once ACKWARD moment at the evening meeting occurred, it turned into a desire of one bottle. Anyway when I finally got home I walk into the door and see the dishes done and the oven on with dinner inside cooking. OMG my wonderful husband made dinner & cleaned!!! He even looked in my Hungry Girl Cookbook (which is fabulous btw) and made me a WW healthy meal. God, I love this man.

He is a keeper!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So I have a great friend KB and she is fun, sweet, sexy and smart. We both love Sex & The City and she is completely a Charlotte.

Me on the other hand was more of a Samatha through college and have turned a little more into Carrie these days.



My Charlotte friend and I dicuss kissing on the first day. I am for it, if the date went well; however, she doesn't kiss on the first date, or the second or the third. She really wants to make sure the guy is everything she wants before having the first kiss. I disagree but respect her decisions.

Well she has been dating this great guy for that past 2 weeks and it seems like they see each other almost every other day. I got a text message yesterday saying "I kissed him" ... he must be a keeper.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hide and Seek

Our cat, The Baby, loves to hide and then jump out at you. Here she is being cute under the dining room chair.

Our Wedding Album

We got our wedding album in the mail today!!! We love it!! I thought we might get it by Christmas but our photographer was so amazing she got it done before Thanksgiving. We used Rachel from 71 West Photography, they were awesome and I would highly recommend them!!

Cake Aisle

I was in the cake aisle today and this middle aged man asked me for some guidance. He was holding a box of cake mix and some muffin mix. He said he made a yellow cake and poured it into a cake pan 13 x 9 but on the mix it says to put the mix into a cake pan of 8 x 8 so thus the pan is barely lined with cake mix. He wanted to buy more cake mix and was thinking of 2 boxes, mixing it all together and then baking it. I advised to only buy one more box because the cake is going to rise and you don't want it to spill over.

Then he says that he added chunks of pineapple to the cake mix and is afraid that it might be too watery. I told him with the next batch to decrease the water from 1/2 cup to 1/4 cup to help with the pineapple juice.

He was super sweet and appreciated my help. Keep your fingers crossed that his cake comes out ok!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More Fun Picts

The one pound hot dog
Me on the Bull

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Things I can check off my life list:
1. Order a One Pound Hot Dog

2. Ride a mechanical bull

(once my friend sends me the pict with me on the I will post it)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Signs you are addicted to chapstick:

1. You wake up in the middle of the night because your hands need lotion and your lips need chapstick.
2. As soon as you wake up you put chapstick on.
3. After taking a shower you put chapstick on.
4. Before leaving the house you put chapstick on.
5. You have 10 chapsticks around the house in various areas so you never have to go to far.
6. All your purses (including the 15 you have in the closet) have chapstick in them.
7. Your car has chapstick in one of the compartments.
8. You cannot go 1 whole hour without putting chapstick on.
9. Your partner begins to kiss you on your forehead/cheek because they are sick of the chapstick (ie kissing a wax candle) on your lips.
10. You start to panic and get the shakes when you run out of chapstick.
11. You have wonderful lips because you are addicted to chapstick.
12. You won't be able to send your first born to college because you spent all your money on chapstick.

And remember I am not only the President of Chapstick Anonymous but I am also a member!

Monday, November 3, 2008


I completely forgot but there is a local school that donates some of their Halloween candy to our agency and we divide it among our offices and its for our direct client services, plus we keep candy in the office for staff. Today they came with the Halloween candy and it was the "good" candy. I just wasn't prepared for how much they would bring.

So you know the huge heavy duty glad bags that you use when you have big outside projects ... the HUGE bags .. well picture 3 of those bags full to the rim with the best type of candy in the whole world. To give you an idea I could use this candy to fill up a pool and then go swimming in it.

The good news is that I didn't have any of it ... not even one piece. Even though I could see the bowl sitting on the counter from my desk, and had one of the huge bags in my office to store till a coworker could pick it up, I resisted and didn't have any.

I felt awesome and so proud of myself when I left. WW would give me the biggest BRAVO sticker for that.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

$1Coins belong to Satan

Last night I met up with friends in Harvard Square for dinner and I figured the easier way would be to drive to Quincy Adams and take the T in. Hubby takes the commuter rail in so I could just use his pass and not have to pay any money. I get to the T station and I am running late, like usual. I put his pass in and it doesn't work. What?!? Oh, he gives me his October pass well its November now so of course it won't work. So I need to go get a one day pass, which is $9 bucks - grrr, but I wanted to use my credit card since I had limited money on me and of course the machine is stupid and won't let me use it. Ok, fine, I think I have a $10 in my wallet so I will use that ... I pull out the ten but only 1/2 of the ten comes out ... somehow this $10 bill ripped in my purse ... grrr again, so I can't use it for the machine so I have to put a $20 in which means I get back $11 worth of one dollar coins. Who ever made one dollar coins can go to hell!!! My purse was so heavy it could be considered a deadly weapon.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

One of the best things about living in a house and getting trick or treaters. Last year was our first in the house and we got about 15 kids although we bought enough for 100, hey we didn't want to run out. Last night we got 12 so our numbers were down but we hope that giving the "good" candy we will bring our numbers up for next year.

Actually the kids are really cute. The first group is the 6 kids from our street and the costumes were "Dare Devil", "Superwoman", "Princess", "Goblin" and the others I didn't really know exactly what they were but they were precious. We had 2 more groups that came and closed down by 9pm. Everyone had a costume; however, not all were the same age.

How old is to old? We 3 high school boys that were dressed pretty funny but other then that it was pretty much elementary school kids.

*Side note, my parents called and they had 92 kids and they don't even give out the "good" candy.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

80's Movies

My new job allows me to get home earlier which is totally awesome!!! When I get home I like to relax a little and sometimes turn on the TV and veg out. Today when I turned on the TV the channel had the movie "Meatballs II" on. Oh, my god! I was SO excited. I know its super old and cheesy but I love movies like that. I couldn't tear myself away from it and watched the whole thing. I know ... I know.

Cheryl and Flash .. going to look at the Big Dipper


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back

I have lost 21 pounds on WW!!! Woo Hoo!!! My pants are getting really loose and one pair I can't even wear any more. I am starting to squeeze into a smaller pair .. alright!! I will be thong ready for next summer!!

Favorite Commercials

Ok, so usually commercials suck but some are pretty cute ... my top picks:

Mr. Bill for Mastercard - My top one!!

Joe Torre for State Farm

Axe - Nick Lachey

PC's Bake Sale

Planters UniBrow Girl

E-Trade with BoBo the Clown

I just love Chevy Chase in National Lampoons

Silly KB

My friend came to our Halloween party last Saturday and she stayed over which was planned. She gets up the next morning and she looks outside and says "Oh, my car is still here. I left the keys in hoping someone would take it". Haa Haa. Seriously!?!?

She then tells me she went to visit a friend in Southie, left her car running outside unlocked and went up to get her friend. Apparently her friend wasn't ready and was heading to the shower. KB said no worries and left her car outside running the whole time. They finally left over 1 hour later and her car was still there.

Apparently you can't give this car away .. it isn't even that bad .. is like a late 90's Honda.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Old Age

It sneaks up on you just when you least expect it. Saturday night we had an adult costume party and it was a huge hit. I think we will do it every year. My costume was a french maid and hubby went as a PC, as in the commercial "Hi, I'm a Mac, I'm a PC". We had lots of fun and drank lots and lots ... well especially me ... I made this great punch and just kept having it .. then the next batch of punch I made I didn't really measure the alcohol and just poured till there was none left and I think that was my down fall.

Sunday morning I woke and thankfully I only had a slight headache and my tummy was just slightly upset but I was walking around like an 80 year old woman. I was so tired and sore and it took 10 mins to make toast ... I don't know ... anyway I felt tired and worn out all Sunday but the kicker is I feel worn out today too. Oh no, I am old .. I now have the 2 day hangover .. Damn it all!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot or Not

We were trying to wait till next Monday before we put the heat on but I have been living in hoodies, wearing blankets, carrying hot water bottles, wearing socks on top of socks on top of socks. Plus my nose has been cold so I have to pull the blanket up over my nose and its still cold. I have been sleeping in these hoodies and three layers over me and having trouble falling alseep cause I am cold. Even worse its been so cold that our towels in the mornings don't really dry because its just too cold which makes getting out of a hot shower in the morning even harder - if thats possible.

Hubby and I keep going back and forth on should we turn the heat on or not ... one says yes lets turn it on, the other says no lets wait till Monday .. we go back and forth and take the opposite side all the time but it finally has stopped today. Hubby emailed me this morning and stated "Let's put the heat on" and I say "YES".

God, I forgot how much I love HEAT!!!!! It is so nice not to walk around in 5 layers of clothing .. not thats its on high but just enough to take the chill out. Man, I am super excited to go to sleep tonight and slip into warm sweet dreams.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Outfits

So I bought my Halloween outfit and its sexy of course. Halloween is the only time you are allowed to dress slutty .. well also on vacations when you pull out the bikini cause you don't know anyone even thought the bikini doesn't fit you anymore ... or when you are on your honeymoon, or when you go grocery shopping. Well whatever you do.

Anyway I am getting my hair dyed this Saturday and getting rid of the blonde, going dark and more of my natural color for fall. If I didn't have the costume I already have then my back up would not be sexy but funny. I would be Flo from Progressive. I would have the dark hair, black headband, we both are white, have great smiles, I would put on bright red lipstick, I have a white apron and could iron on Progressive and then I could trick out my name tag, and yell out "Surprise" every now and then.

Ya, aren't you glad I didn't do that.

I think we're on crack

Last night Hubby and I were talking and somehow we started acting like we were on crack ... it was after 10pm people, you know I turn into a zombie, I don't remember exactly but here is the jitz.

hubby: There was a pecan muffin left over at work so I had it this afternoon, it was SO good.
me: A pecan muffin, wow they are like 14 points on WW.
hubby: Well, I think it was pecans, you know the fruit that is dried out and looks like balls.
me: Fruit that looks like balls? Raisins?
hubby: No not fruit, nuts that look like balls.
me: Nuts that look like balls?

Apparently he is going to show me a picture but you know what - don't think I want to see dried out balls. All set thanks!!

Later that night ...

hubby: I went for a walk during lunch and looked at some Rays baseball hats.
me: Why do you need a Rays hat?
hubby: I want to show my support.
me: You don't need more hats.
hubby: You don't need more shoes.
me: I will make you a sign that says "Go Rays" and you can hold it up while we watch the game.
hubby: I want a hat.
me: I will staple the sign to your body.
hubby: I don't think I like that.
me: That's what you get for wanting a hat.

Monday, October 20, 2008

First Day

Today was my first day at the new job. It was a good day although a little confusing and not quite as organized as I would like but what can you do. Tomorrow should be better since I know a little more of what is to come and my coworkers are fabulous.

Pet Peeve, Computer keyboards. Why is it that keyboards have different layouts?? My personal laptop's keyboard is set up one way and then my new work laptop's keyboard is set up different. For instance, my delete button on my home laptop is down on the right but the work one is on the top right. Grrrrr. I don't like it! I felt like a 2 year old typing on the computer today at work. Thank goodness no one was around ... they would think I never worked a computer.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My favorite song for the moment is "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce

PS I got my halloween costume ... nope, I am not telling :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have a dear friend who works the night shift and will call me on her way home from work in the morning and it works out because I am on my way in to work so we chat any time from 7:40 - 8:30am. However, this week I am not working, I am sleeping in. This morning she calls around 7:40am and I am dead a sleep.

Me: (Groggy voice) I am sleeping, call you back
Her: What?!? Hello
Me: (Trying to clear my voice) I am sleeping, call you back
Her: What?!? Aren't you suppose to be at work?
Me: No, I start Monday.
Her: What?!? Which Monday?
Me: This coming Monday
Her: But isn't today Monday?
Me: No, it's Friday
Her: Oh

Hee Hee, think she has been working the night shift a little too long!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Things

Little reminders that I am married. I was refilling a prescription on the phone yesterday with CVS and you know how it says "The first 3 letters of the patient's last name is ..." Well all my life it has been "PRI" ... well yesterday for the first time it said "SCH". Eeekk. I had this huge grin on my face!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trying To Be Friends With A Burn

Sigh, living with a burn it not easy.

My options for showering it to take cold shower or stick my hand away from the water and do everything with my left hand. I had to switch to cold water because I couldn't get all the shampoo out of my hair and needed the burned hand to take over.

I washed the dishes with my left hand, instead of 1-2 mins per pot we are talking 5 - 8 mins per pot. It is SO frustrating.

At night when I am sleeping I need to have the hand away from everything because if it brushes up again a pillow it hurts and I wake up.

Man, this totally sucks. I hate burns!! I hate them!!! Ok, I feel better after my little rant.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Teapot Bit Me

So yesterday I was having a bad day for some strange reason. I had a long list of things I wanted to get done and felt like I did nothing. I ended up driving around with a pounding headache. I finally get home and have some lunch and am trying to get this headache to go away (ya I took a bunch of Advil). Anyway I decide a nice cup of green tea with make me feel better. Instead of just heating up the hot water in the microwave I decide to use the teapot. I put the water in the teapot and start heating it up on the stove. I can tell it's getting hot and don't need for it to start whistling so I shut off the oven and start pouring it into my little cup. Well apparently the middle lid where I originally poured the water into wasn't pushed down all the way because as I am pouring the tea the lid decides to commit suicide and jump off the teapot and land on the floor. I am so amazed at this that it takes a moment for me to realize that there is FREAKING HOT STEAM coming out from the teapot and it hits my right hand which was holding/pouring the water out. OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 3 of my fingers got burned from the steam and my little pinkie got it the worst.

I dropped the teapot and got my fingers under cold water. The water was so cold that I start to get an ache in my elbow and after another few minutes I get this same ache in my shoulder and it really hurts so now I am tearing up. Ok. Time to switch to ice. I wrap myself up in a blanket cause the rest of me is freezing and I get some ice and begin the annoying job of icing my hand.

Ok, things should get better right. Sadly, no. This is when I turned on the Red Sox game just in time to see BJ Upton from Tampa get a 3 run home run. Fun times. My headache is gone but my mood quickly turns to bitchy. Hubby gets home a little later and I tell him that the teapot bit me and he agrees that the teapot should go to hell.

After a while of ice on and ice off, I am feeling better and the burn is under control until I decide to be a good little wifey and make my husband some dinner. I was making a new WW recipe for Shepherds Pie and was excited to try it. Well, it requires lots of time using the oven and stirring ingredients on the stove, thus getting my burned fingers hot, which freaking hurts. So I am trying to cook with a bag of frozen carrot & peas on my right hand and stir with my left. Not so good. Finally I have to add the carrots & peas to my pot so I have no cold pack that will stay on. So I need to kick it up, I go fast and ignore the pain and throw stuff together and get the casserole in the oven.

I grab my ice and put it on my hand yet again. After 20 minutes I am able to take it off for a little bit and my hubby reminds me that we have some burn cream ointment. He gets that for me and puts it very gently on my fingers. Can I just say, when he put that on me it was better then an orgasm, oh god it felt so good. The pain went away, it soothed and calmed me and it just felt SO good.

I am sorry to all my friends but Burn Ointment is my new BFF.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Train Couple

So I never asked the girl what happened. I was going back and forth with it and decided it was not my business and I shouldn't. I mean, seriously, if he broke up with her she could be really sad and I wouldn't want to bring that up. We will never know what happened .....

Is it bad that I am more concerned about what happened with that ring then with them?!?!?

Friday, October 10, 2008


Annie Oakley meet this Annie ... from one of my coworkers!!

Last Day

My last day at work is today and I am EXCITED!!! I will miss my coworkers but there is a bunch of stuff I won't miss.

I will not miss:

The commute ... walking 15 mins from the train to work so my hair never looks good, I sweat when its hot and I have to wear the "oh not sexy" white sneakers.

Work politics ... working for the state is not easy when everything has to go up & down the flag pole 5 or 6 times before you can do anything.

Having to dress up everyday for work .. come on ... Fridays should be jeans day!

Only 30 mins for lunch, well I always take more but only really allowed 30 mins.

Waiting for information from others so I can do my job.

Listening to a passive aggressive person who complains under her breath.

There is a ton more but you get the point!! Woo Hoo ... looking forward to a lovely week off!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Train Couple

We take the commuter train to work and almost every morning for that past year we would see this couple get on the train after us. The girl is very thin, cute but looks like a snob. She has the designer bags I love and a few months ago started flashing a beautiful Tiffany engagement ring - The Legacy.

I totally love this ring but who the hell can actually afford it, well apparently her fiance. Her fiance is not as good looking as her but apparently has a large wallet and tries to dress nicely. They are the snooty couple that I would see all the time, then suddenly a few weeks ago the ring was off and the fiance was not near her. Hmmmm, could it be that her ring is at the jewelers and he just didn't make that train today? Was he just out sick? Was the wedding off? Did she give back the ring or did she keep it? These are the things that race through my head.

A few weeks have gone by and I see her occassionaly still, no ring and usually alone. Although last week I saw the guy talking with her outside her office building (we walk the same way people, I am not that much of a stalker). So are they back together? Are they still together but not ready for marriage? Did they break up and having an ackward talk about the breakup?

The sad part is I will never get the answers to these questions and my last ride with them will be this Friday since my new job requires not going into the city.

Whatever happens I wish the train couple happiness .... whether it's with each other or not.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chicken Bone

So one of my current coworkers has been sick for a while, she has an on and off again pain in her stomach and slight fever. After going on for a several weeks into the month long range she went to the doctor. They had her come in and then scheduled an ultrasound for later that week to check out her stomach. Last Friday she felt so bad and was really worried what it might be thanks to WebMD so she left work and went to the ER. She had a lovely 9 hour stay at the hospital where they poked her with needles, ran different tests and finally did a chest and stomach X-ray which produced the answer - a chicken bone. What the hell??!!?? They found a small chicken bone stuck in her intestines, which was inflamed and caused her all this distress. Holy crap, how did she swallow a chicken bone??!!??!! The world will never know.

Monday, October 6, 2008

LA vs Boston

"Anaheim is one of the best planned, laid out cities in America. In Boston, they let cows decide where the streets would go." From the Boston Globe

It is so funny because I walked from South Station to work and it takes about 15 mins and I feel like cattle being herded around!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


What do dreams say about you? I understand there are common dreams and they can be interpreted but what do you do when your husband tells you that he had a dream that his Xbox was stolen and during his dream he found out that Tina Turner stole his Xbox.

Tina Turner?? What??? Seriously?? I don't even want to know what this means!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Weapon of Choice

This morning before entering the shower, I picked up all the tiny bits of soap, tossed them and then pulled out a brand new bar. Everything was going great till I put it back on our shower shelf, or so I thought, cause the next moment it slid right off and then fell to the ground in an upward movement towards the back of the tub and then came back down in "ramming speed" mode and collided right into my ankle bone. OUCH!!!!!! I thought someone took a bowling bowl and throw it into me, but no, only my little bar of soap. I did not know what a weapon it could be. The next time we have a prowler, Ed will be grabbing the bat and I will be grabbing a bar of soap.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sun

I thought it would never come out again. This week has been so depressing with darkness and lots of rain. God bless the sun!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bye Bye Bye

No, I am not talking about the song I am saying I gave my resignation at work!!!! It was time to rip the bandaid off and not look back. I accepted a great Director position and even get one week off between jobs. That is the best vacation right there. Wish me luck!!


So I forgot to mention that over the weekend I had some friends over and urban dictionary came to the rescue yet again. One of my friends, Vix, teaches middle school and her kids have been saying "superman that hoe" and she wanted to know what it means.

We were shocked at what it means .... and who the hell comes up with crap like that.

The best is that Vix decided she would be Wonder Woman for Halloween and her husband would help her with the cape. Too Funny!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I am loving this song right now ... "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

"Scooch closer dear
and i will nibble your ear ....

I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
My breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what i be saying is there ain't no better reason
To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
It's what we aim to do
Our name is our virtue

I won't hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I'm sure
There's no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I'm yours"

Game Night

Game Night is always such a good night with Cranium, Apples to Apples, Dirty Minds, Battle of the Sexes, etc etc. It is amazing how we get our team to guess the answer. A few examples:

Cameo - me acting out "Twin Peaks" .. I keep focusing on my chest and bring my hands out to a point. The guesses are Boobs, Chest, Madonna, etc etc and finally one of my friends says point which gets them thinking the other direction and finally K yells "Twin Peaks" Yayay!!! Score points for us!!

Cloodle - BK drawing out Mr. T .. mind you he injured his right hand in softball so he has to use his left hand to draw and some how the boys get it ... oh hell ... they pulled that out of their asses.

Scuplting - Vixs tells us " No, milking the sculpture". Apparently she once got the slogan "got milk" so she scuplted breasts and began to milk them ... in front of her father in law .. god I love that girl.

The best part of game night is hanging out with some of my favorite people!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Card

I love cards and was especially touched by the card that Ed got me this year on my birthday. Usually, no offense hun, but he kinda grabs something that looks sweet but basic. This year he put some thought into it and it really meant a lot to me. A few days before we were talking about how we don't really feel like newlyweds .... life is so hectic right now and lately we are kinda on 2 different schedules plus still trying to maintain the house. And for all you 1st time homebuyers out there you know its overwhelming ... and thus this card really hit home.

The card
"Once there was this guy. A nice guy really. And he met this girl. An incredible girl-truly amazing. So naturally the guy falls head over heels in love with her, and pretty soon they're picking out china patterns and rings and there's a wedding and the starry-eyed couple rides off into what will surely be a rosy future.

Okay, so now some time has passed and the guy is living in that future. He's still married to this girl, but now their life includes a lot of stuff - appliances and bills and loads of laundry and home repair projects. But between all the to-dos and have-tos, there are these moments when the guy stops for a minute and looks around him.

He looks at his wife, who is still truly amazing, he looks at their life together, all the ways and different directions its grown, he looks at the the responsibilites he's got, and he thinks to himself, so, this is my life.

And then he thinks, I am one helluva lucky guy!"

It was sweet to see what the guy's perspective is in all this ... and apparently its still great ... which is always nice to hear.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday sexy lady! Happy Birthday to me!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pesky's Pole

I was just talking about him. Eeekkk!!

Last Night

So last nights game was great, they loss which sucked but other then that I had a wonderful evening. My dad, mom and hubby picked me up and we began the trek home. They were already in the area because hubby had a double header softball game. Anyway, my dad has this tickle as he calls it in his throat and he keeps clearing his throat every 2 mins. Over and over all the way home .. very annoying!!!

Me: Dad, do you want a cough drop?

Dad: No, its just a tickle.

(10 minutes pass of this clearing of the throat/annoying tickle)

Me: Dad, do you want a cough drop?

Dad: Is it sugar-free?

Me: No, but its a Halls.

Dad: Oh ... well I don't need one.

Seriously?!?!? You are not going to take a cough drop because it has like 1g of sugar ... I don't understand.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

House that Ruth Built

I am a Red Sox fan but I watched the last game at Yankee Stadium last night with hubby, who is a big Yankee's fan. It was an emotional game. The beginning ceremonies were sentimental as we saw the best of the best that had played for the Yankee's years ago. Everytime I see Yogi Berra I get a little chill, its like when I see Johnny Pesky. The moment when Babe Ruth's daughter threw out the first pitch I could not help but tear up. It was such a surreal moment. To think that Yankee Stadium, the House that Ruth built, is over is sad.

Ok, enough feeling bad for the freaking Yankee's ... let's go Red Sox. Tonight KO and I are going to the game. It will be chilly but it should be awesome!!

Double Standards

Sometimes it is nice to have double standards. For instance, Ed and I were out shopping the other day because we are on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans for him (which we found). He use to have a fitted jean that was great for when we went out but sadly little rips in the knee turned into huge holes and thus we had to throw the jeans out.

Anyway, he was trying on some jeans and he lifted his shirt up to show me the waist and see if I approved the fit. When he lifted his shirt up I saw his gut, which has become a little larger over the past few months. Me, being me, said "Um hun, we really need to do something about that gut. It's getting bigger". He just shrugged it off.

Then I thought if he ever said anything like that to me I would punch him in the nuts and he would be sleeping in the shed forever. Needless to say he never says anything like that when I try on clothes. Instead he says "Hun, you look great. How did I get such a sexy wife?" Oh ya, he is good!


So I started back with Weight Watchers in the middle of July and I am proud to say I have loss 15 pounds!!! Woo Hoo!!! It is still a long journey but I am excited about my progress. Seeing results motivates me to keep going.

Flat stomach here I come!
Yes, this is a picture of a guy, I think, but DAMN, look at that flat stomach!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boys Are Gross

So last night hubby was tucking me into bed like he does most nights and we started talking .. somehow we started talking about our bathroom which is just a regular size but to be funny Ed said we could fit 15 people in it and then I was like oh ya the toilet is so big we could have 5 people use it at the same time. Then Ed says well ya but some would need to "upper deck". I was like what?!?!? He then went on to explain what "upper decking" is and it COMPLETELY grossed me out. If you want to find out all about it check this out

Eeeewwww, boys are gross.


Love this one!!! I really like this site. I could look at it for hours .. probably not a good thing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I forgot that I love cappuccino's. Plus I can get a grande nonfat cappuccino for only 2 pts. So worth it!! Today is a good day!

College Student

Last night I started my GRE prep class. Fun times. So I already have my Master's but when I chose to do that I had the option of taking the MAT's (Miller Analogies Test) or the GRE and silly me chose the MAT's. I thought it might be easier and I could get to it faster so I opted for that one. I got my Master's but now I want to go further and of course all the programs I am looking at don't want the MAT's but instead the GRE so here I am in a prep class.

It wasn't horrible. The time went by fast and the professor was great. The bad part was that I realized I have a lot to learn. It was very overwhelming. I need to study, study, study!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Monday Night Football was great! It never disappoints. The Cowboys and Eagles went back and forth for a while but in the end the Cowboys won.

PS TO is a jerk but he is amazing at football. He just runs so smoothly and glides along. Just watching him run makes me tired.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling Old

This weekend I went out for a friend's b-day party to The Place. It was great because she had gotten a private room with our own waitstaff which was key since the bar was super full. It was fun and I got to see my coworkers who I hadn't seen all week but then it hit me. I am old.

How to tell your old while at bar:
1. I complained about all the girls in their skimpy outfits, I mean I would never wear that.
2. The music was SO loud that we couldn't talk. Thus I had to read lips and I can't. It's like someone says "How are you" and I think they say "Tacos and chips". Makes conversations interesting.
3. I cannot dance in a crowded area. I stand there and nod my head as I am body checked around the room.
4. Getting into the car to head home makes me super happy but yet I can't sleep late the next day - wahh.

When did I get old?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jet Lag

It sucks. Plus it wasn't too smart when planning on having the in-laws come up first thing Sat morning. W & E came up to help us put a new back door in. It quickly became a very long day but I was able to sneak a nap in.

The end product was great. Here is our new back door. It has the blind on the inside and I love it. The glass/screen door comes in two weeks so next weekend we will paint this door and hopefully within 3 weeks we will have this project finished.

PS It is hard to take a nap when the guys are hammering and yelling at each other but I was so exhausted it didn't even matter.

Week of Sun

Hello everyone,

Hope you have all been well. I had a fabulous week in San Diego. The flight was VERY long but once we stepped out into the sun everything became better. There was a nice warm breeze, the blue sky, palm trees all around and the warm sun. It was wonderful.

Things I like:
1. The weather. It was beautiful. Watching the weather on TV I almost took a picture. It said 7 days of sun. Just sun. No slight chance of showers, no partly cloudy, nothing but sun.
2. The hotel. I had a suite just for me and the bed was very comfortable. I was able to sprawl out with no husband or cat hogging the bed. Plus I love having a maid - it is the BEST thing ever.
3. The navy boys. So much military right there - who knew?
4. The workshops that I went to were interesting and I learned a lot.
5. Watching the Padres play the Dodgers. Petco Park stadium was really nice and much more modern then Fenway.

Things I didn't like:
1. The long ass flight. I wish first class wasn't so expensive. I have long legs and need more room. First flight was 5 1/2 hours and then the second flight was almost 2 hours.
2. Sitting in a windowless conference room with the sun shining outside.
3. Being so busy. From getting up early, to sit in the workshops, so hitting the streets to sight see.
4. Not having my husband there. It would have been really romantic to go to the ocean at night with him.
5. Listen to stupid people who ask stupid questions over and over during a workshop. Those people should be shot, hmmm did I say that, aren't I suppose to be helping people??

Here are a couple things I found out in San Diego.
1. People in CA wear scrunchies. Holy shit. FYI she is not a tourist but lives near SD.

2. The bakeries give large portions for low prices. This treat is 5 x 5 = LOVE

3. Lots of Navy.

Over all it was a really nice week but I am SO glad to be back!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Week

Hey everyone,

Just want to remind you that I will be out in San Diego this week so I probably won't get a chance to blog. See you when I get back.

Love, A

Weekend of Drinking

Friday night I went out with some of my coworkers to Boston Beer Works for dinner and drinks. We had a few pitchers of blueberry beer. It was SO good. I drank more then I planned on but it was worth it. From dinner we went to Sully's for more drinking and found out that I am a bad ass when it comes to playing pool. Who knew? E and I kicked ass and won both games. We might have bent the rules slightly but we still played really well and our opponents didn't notice so all was good.

Saturday during the day we met up with some of Ed's friends and drank our asses off at Ocktoberfest. It was awesome. Sam Adam's had all sorts of draft & bottled beers for you to enjoy. The group got there early so they we able to snag a table and Ed and I showed up a little after them. It was great. We drank and played UNO but with drinking game rules. Damn, haven't done that in what feels like years.

We then stumbled out of beerfest and headed to grab some food but when we got outside it was POURING out. Damn. We waited it out a little under the tiny tent but the tent was leaking and I was hungry. We ended up making a run for it and went to the first place we saw. The food was good but then again when you are drunk ANY food is good.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My husband

Why I love this man ...

When I am a huge bitch he brings me flowers.
When I am angry he will buy me a tea kettle for me to smash .. long story for another time on how that came to be.
When I go into a rage, wave my arms around and go insane he makes me feel like it is ok.
When I get cold feet about being married he makes me laugh and understands.

The best thing was this morning when I woke up I saw that he did ALL the dishes. Even the pans ... he usually forgets the pans. Happy day!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Kiss

Hee Hee, just got a friends request on Facebook from the first boy I ever kissed. Ah young love.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Weirdest place I ever .....

Today I presented to some advocates about the program that I work for, outside on a roof/lounge area. It was crazy. Normally, we sit in a conference room with a powerpoint and go through our amazing presentationn (yes I said amazing). Instead today people were sitting in deck chairs and benches, half in the sun and half in the shade. I had to take my shoes off and walk barefoot because the rubber roofish material was gonna make me fall. Side note, thank goodness I got that pedicure over the weekend because I would not have been able to my show my feet before. So here E and I are presenting and we have to yell so people hear us and then our voices echo around the open building. It was the strangest place I have ever done a presentation in. If you ever have presented you understand what I am talking about.

Come on, how can you concentrate in an environment like this?

Hate people

I hate when people push pass you to be first on the train. There are tons of seats so please slow down.

I hate when you hold the door for someone and then they let the next door ram in your face.

I hate when people talk on their cell phones while on the train. No one cares what you have to say so shut up.

The one thing that keeps me sane in the morning is my cup of coffee and luckily today Liz had Snickeroo. It's my favorite. It is like a snickers bar but in coffee. I love it so much and its no points which is even better, well until I add my equal and milk.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Baby

So most of you have met my cat, The Baby, or at least have seen pictures of her, like every Christmas card photo. One thing you all know about her is how she is anti-social and whenever people come over she usually hides under our bed.

Well back story is I got her from the animal rescue league and they thought she might have been abused while out on the streets (if I ever met the son of a bitch that hurt her I would slice him from his knads to his neck) but anyway I digress.

She comes out to greet us when we get home, we play with her until she says stop (well tries to bite us) and then she lies on her little belly while we watch TV. She is a cutie although she has this annoying habit of sitting on my lap while I am on my laptop. She NEVER sits on my lap but get me typing on the computer and its like giving her a yummie (what we call her treats) wrapped with catnip. Her butt ends up on my hands and her paws step all over the keys and I some how delete whatever I was working on but then she leans into me and nuzzles into me and I melt.

Next Tuesday

I will be in San Diego, CA watching the Padres crush the Dodgers. It will be cool to see Manny in the outfield again but more importantly it will be nice to see someone crush Joe Torre. He may techincally be gone from the Yankees but I still think he had Yankee blood in his veins. I don't want to take any chances.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


This weekend we have been down on the Cape having a fabulous weekend. We went down to the beach earlier today.

Ed: Look at that dog in the water.

Ed: Wait, that's not a dog its a person.

Ed: Man, that is an ugly person.

This is just another day in my life living with Ed.

Just need Batteries

I am SO excited to share that one of my good friends has finally come to the 21st century and now has a vibrator. Every woman should have at least one!

Some of my friends are very open about this ... you know having it fall out at my wedding .. while others keep it very hidden in the way back of their closet. Either way a girl needs one. For the single, it can help you get through a "dry" patch, for the engaged, it helps with all the stress from wedding planning and for the married, well as the years go by and things change this is one thing that remains the same.

Congrats to those that have one, two or more! If you don't have one yet, put it on your to do list~

Friday, August 29, 2008

My Tony

Getting ready for the fantasy draft on Sunday. I am hoping to get Romo again but we will see what happens. I have a lot of pride running in these games since the majority are males and I LOVE kicking their butts.
I am better in fantasy baseball (currently in 2 out of 16) then football but hoping to improve this year. Making the playoffs are easy but taking it all is another story.

Good: Being in a fantasy league really educates you on all players, not just your favorite teams. It really gives me an appreciation for all the teams.

Bad: Waking up Monday morning and realizing you didn't set up your lineup. Sucks!!

Dinner Plans

Ed and I were out to eat earlier and I was talking to him about the Weight Watcher point system and what different food items have for points. I was staring at the drink menu and saw Strawberry Margarita's and thought that would be awesome to have as a way to end the summer.

Me: A strawberry margarita would be great.

Ed: Well how many points it is?

Me: Probably around 30.

Ed: Well compared to the cheese fries that hardly anything.

Me: True, I will get the margarita instead of the 73 point cheese fries because I am on a diet.

We both burst out in laughter as the waitress looks at us like we are crazy peeps, just a regular night out for dinner.

Side note: I get 28 points for one whole day!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Flipping through the channels and I get really excited because one of my favorite movies is on TV.

Me: Alien vs Predator is on. Its the only scary movie I can watch.

Ed: But its not a scary movie.

Me: I know.


So last night Ed had a softball game and got back around 10pm. I was half watching the game and half falling asleep on the couch. He comes into the living room with beautiful flowers.

Me: What are the flowers for?

Ed: I am in a really bad mood and you shouldn't have to be around me.

Me: Oh, hunny whats wrong?

Ed: The Yankee's suck.

Me: Ya, sorry about that.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I realize I bruise easily but this is ridiculous. Today we interviewed someone to work in our office and the woman was great except she has an extremely firm handshake. Remember Hightower from the Police Academy.
Image him shaking your hand firmly ... hmmm .. I wonder what that would feel like. If you cannot imagine it why don't you go out and get hit by a car, it is the same affect.

So anyway she shakes my hand with a super strong grip and I try not to wince in front of her because she could be my boss at some point. I just smile nicely. On the way out she shakes my hand even harder and I quickly pull away. On the way back to my cube I notice that I have a bruise on my hand. OMG. A bruise, and it is soon confirmed by my other boss who knows everything so thus it is a bruise. Well how did this happen?? I have my boss shake my hand with her fingers extended and sure enough it fits perfectly in line with this bruise.

Eeeek, so what do I do? I cannot have a boss who has hurt me, I mean isn't there some rule or law against that. I turn to my coworkers and they can't take me seriously because my bruise looks like a warped smiley face.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meta Blogging

So I am sitting her wondering if I should blog about my weight loss at weight watchers. My husband tells me "well only you know if that is something you want to share. It is a very personal and sensitive topic and you just want to be careful". This is great advice.

How is it though he can say stuff like this but forget how to walk and falls down the stairs?


I love critiquing baseball games but especially when its the Red Sox vs Yankees. It is even better since my husband loves the Yanks and I am a Boston girl.

The conversation goes like this:

Me: God, A-Rod sucks. If he watched the ball he would have actually caught it. Damn, he is lucky that he doesn't live in Boston cause I would burn down his house.

Ed: He had his eye on it but he misplayed it.

Me: I don't know what you are talking about it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Being an adult

So I realize I am an adult, I have a job, I own a house, I am married, plus I am way over 18yrs old so legally I am fully an adult but why is it when your parents are around you all of a sudden feel like a kid again?

Hmmm, I wonder if that changes. Like did my parents still feel like kids when their parents were around? What about when I have kids? Will I feel like a fake parent when my parents are around?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Salon

Can I just say I LOVE going to the hairdresser. I feel so good getting pampered and plus usually when I leave I feel like a superstar. My hairdresser in Medford is fabulous. She is young, hip and totally sweet. The only problem is that I don't live near Medford any more so its a bitch to get there on the weekend so I end up going there after work.

So yesterday I was there and D was running late, which is fine because I didn't have anything else going on. The only downer was I got to listen to this crack lady complain to D about how her hair came out. Personally, I thought it looked nice. Dark hair with caramel highlights.

Apparently, though this lady wanted blonde highlights and they didn't come out that way. D tried to explain that this girls hair is BLACK, yes BLACK, not dark brown, it was black. So even putting bleach blonde on black hair doesn't mean you will get blonde streaks. You need to work up. Most people get this concept but crazy lady just didn't understand. D was great and after crazy lady left all the girls and I had a good laugh.

Plus if she did leave with black hair and bright blonde streaks, she would look like a skunk. Gross, what hairdresser wants to have thier client looking like a skunk.

Then I zoned out and thought about if I was in the show Scrubs this is what would happen:

Crazy girl leaves with her new hair do ...

She comes home and is greeted by her husband, baby and of course their dog!

Thank goodness we don't live in that world because I do not think I could go to a hairdresser that is responsible for this!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Train From Hell

Why is it when you really need to be somewhere on time the train runs late? T and I had to leave work by 9am to go do a training for 10am up on the North Shore. The train I normally take leaves at 7:35 so I get into work by 8:30. Then there is an annoucement on their little stupid screen saying that the train is running 5 - 10 mins late. Then 15 mins later they make the annoucement that the train is running 20 - 25 mins late. Come to find out they just cancelled the train. What the hell?

I SO wanted to take a stapler and grab the first male that I saw and staple his freaking nuts to his thighs. Poor Ed, he saw the look in my eye so he backed away quickly.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Living with Ed

Today I was trying to come up with a name for this blog and my husband suggested "Poopysmith Adventures". That just sums it up right there.