Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Side Note: This past weekend I didn't end up getting my hair highlighted because hubby's family had an emergency so we had to head down to NJ. Everything is ok now. While we were down there we celebrated Christmas and one of the things hubby got was a New York Yankee's blanket from his Aunt and Uncle. Hubby is a Yankee's fan and I am a Red Sox fan .. it makes things interesting.

Earlier this evening hubby grabbed his new blanket and was bringing it upstairs to bed.

Me: Why are you bringing that blanket up here?
Hubby: So if you get cold you have a blanket.
Me: I would rather be cold.
Hubby: Well, I will put it right by the bed so if you get cold it will be the first blanket you reach for.
Me: I don't want it.

Hubby then trips on the stairs and the blanket goes flying. Karma. Don't mess with a Red Sox fan or you will fall down.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Facebook Pict

I was on Facebook and saw that one of my friends had commented about a picture that one of her friends put up. I guess this friend's baby was not thrilled with Santa. After reading a few comments I decided I needed to see this picture ... I was not ready for below.

I don't even know whose baby this is but oh my.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Miracle

YES! YES! YES!!! My hairdresser and my eye waxer (ok proper name of esthetic) can see me this week. It is a Christmas miracle!!! I am so excited if I could do back flips I would.

Let me back up:

We moved to Stoughton last year and I had still been going to a hairdresser in Medford because I worked in Boston so it really wasn't bad to go after work. Well I stopped working in Boston this past September and in order to go to Medford I really need to go on a Sat which stinks because it is super busy and there is no parking.

Over Halloween I got my hair dyed dark and covered up the blonde .. that was good then but now I want to be brighter and need some blonde love. I have been trying to wait to find a place around my new home but I don't want to go to just anyone .. I don't think I am stuck up or snobby but I don't trust my hair to just anyway .. hello this is my hair we are talking about. So weeks have gone by and I have not found anyone and then I find a place but haven't gone in yet to see what it looks like so still no appt.

This past weekend my grays became so bad I had to buy hair dye from CVS and do it myself. Well I covered up the grays but it also darkened my hair and I feel vampirish (not cool for me). So I waited a day and then last night dyed my hair again (I have really thick hair so I can get away with this) but its still not much lighter.

Why? Why? Why did I not just go to Medford where I am loved and love them?? Finally it came to me ... who cares about the 45 - 1 hour commute .. I love them and need to be with them. I called a few moments ago to see if she had any room for me this Saturday for a full set of foils and she does!! OMG!! I am so happy.

Part 2:
Eyebrows, we all know I am trying to grow them out because mine are super thin and I think I need them to be a little fuller but do you know how hard it is? Try not shaving your bikini area during the swimsuit season and them come talk to me.

I am really trying to wait 3 weeks before going but it is very hard. This past weekend I never made an appt and realized that my eyebrows look like eyebrows of a wolverine. Yikes! I called to ask if she has any appts for Sat and then I took a chance .. I know its a long shot but any way she has time tomorrow afternoon? Yes - really! OMG .. again SO happy!!

If everyone could feel this good then there would be no war, we would all be at peace.

God bless my Christmas Angels and Merry Christmas to everyone!


The other night hubby and I decided to have a date night .. you know get dressed up, use the good perfume and head out to a nice dinner. I feel like we haven't done this in forever and I wanted to wear something a little sexy; however, also warm since it was freezing out. Sadly, I realized I don't have something cute & sexy for the winter months. I have a couple of shirts for the spring, summer and early fall but I got nothing for winter. It was SO depressing .. all my cute shirts are short sleeves and I wanted something long because my arms wear cold. I really wanted to wear something that I don't wear to work and I was stumped ... I had nothing.

Hopefully Santa is bringing me lots of gift cards to different clothing shops and I can fix this situation. Bring on the hot long sleeve shirts!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Snow Snow

All day today everyone has been like "the snows coming around 11:30", "I heard we are getting 10 inches", "Are you ready for the snow?", "we are suppose to get hit hard", "Attleboro is getting hit the worse you got to get out of here" ... all of these were by 9am and I would look outside and not see any snow or rain. Then at 1:55pm the snow started to come down ... holy cow it is coming down so fast. At 2:15 we were told we can leave at 2:30 (woo hoo) and I began the trek home. It usually takes me 25-30 mins but today it took 1 hour. The traffic wasn't bad just slow .. nothing was plowed so you need to go slow which is fine by me .. rather get home safe then not. I put on hubby's 4x4 and off I was .. everything was great till I got onto my street and the car slid and turned me halfway around .. it literally happened in a nanosecond .. crazy. Anyway I am home safe and warm but sadly need to go back out again in 2 hours when hubby gets home from work. I am picking him up at the train station .. grrr .. wish he could teleport.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Need more time in the day

Seriously, I need way more time in the day. Why do I always overextend myself???? I love being around people and helping people but I need to take a moment and take time for myself ... yikes. I am hoping that storm we get this weekend forces me to stay in and not do to much .. I need a day off like woah!!

So I have been super busy lately and want to update everyone. Monday night we went to Target to get our final xmas gifts. I made a list and we went right after work. Silly me I was still wearing heels as I walked up and down the aisle trying to figure if my cousins son would like the gift I get him even though I haven't seen him in two years. oye. As we paced up and down, up and down, between all the carts and people I began to think "Why the hell did I wear heels??" then I began to wonder "Why didn't I have a drink or two before coming?" Next year I am buying earlier, wearing jeans and sneakers and going drunk.

Tuesday night I went to Weight Watchers and stayed for the whole meeting cause I loss 2.4 pounds so I am back to a loss of 20.4 ... woo hoo! I am excited. Hubby and I have been going to the gym in the morning and it is paying off .. thank goodness or I wouldn't be going.

Wednesday night was a doctor's appt and then grocery shopping. We had a potluck at work and I was making my WW turkey chili so I had to get the ingredients and then make it. oye. I was so tired and my feet were hurting again which reminded me that man I do really need a drink.

Tonight we met up with my cousins, one who is preggers and due in 9 weeks. They showed us the ultrasound picts and you could see a profile .. we think she is a going to have a long forehead like daddy but you never know. We also found out the name today .. Sophia Nicole. Precious.

I know I have more to tell but thats all the time I have now .. hope to post a pict or two of the White Trash Bacherlorette party cause it was fun. The whole time driving there I was chanting "don't get pulled over" "don't get pulled over". I was dressed like a whore, cause thats what you wear to a white trash party, and Victoria's Secret had nothing on my boobs. Also Peter the Pecker was sitting in the front seat .. it was hard not to use him as a stick shift.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Check off the list

I stuffed all the Christmas cards and put them in the mail this morning. Woo Hoo. Also Hubby and I decided to buy a new laptop because mine is pretty bad and creates more aggravation then it helps. We are going to use this as our main Christmas gifts to each other because we can't really afford to buy a new computer and other gifts. We are going to wrap it up and not use it till Christmas ... awww the joys of being an adult.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things to do

I cannot believe how quickly Christmas is approaching and I am still not ready. I am sitting down constructing my "To Do List" and realize I have so much to do and very seriously very little time.

To Do List:
Thursday (today)
- make choc chip cookies, put Xmas cards in envelopes and address them (only 150 to do - I know - I am really not that popular but somehow we have that many) plus put up Christmas decoartions

Friday - Hubby's Holiday Party, leaving work early so I can curl my hair and get dressed up ... its open bar, app's and dinner so it should be good

Saturday - I am going to a "White Trash" Bacherlorette Party. I bought this crazy dress and bought a new push up bra so I am ready. Plus I volunteered to make the big penis cake because I have a huge penis cake tray from prior parties .. oh ya plus I need to blow up the blow up doll. His name is Peter Pecker. It should be fun traveling with him in the car ... do I put him in the trunk or do I buckle him in the front seat?? Plus we need to buy our Xmas tree

Sunday - Clean house, hang 200 ornaments on the tree, finish Christmas shopping, then make a turkey dinner for my parents who will be coming up for the evening

Monday - Eye doctor appt in the morning so I have to work late that day to make up some of the hours because I can't use my sick time at work yet since I have only been here 1 1/2 months

Tuesday - Go to my Weight Watcher meeting even though its very frustrating. I had lost 21 pounds and over Thanksgiving gained a little so I have lost only 18 pounds but I am going to keep working it.

Wednesday - I have another doctor appt in the evening after work (whenever I change insurance I always meet with all my docts for some reason)

Thursday - Dinner with my cousins which we have been trying to schedule for like 2 weeks. She is preggers and due in late Feb.

Friday - Leave for New Jersey

Saturday - Going to the very famous Morgan's Christmas Party .. although I found out today its dressy .. men wear suits and I need a dress. I just hate black dresses in the winter because I feel so pale and pasty .. I don't want to go tanning cause I know its bad but I need something.

Sunday - Return to MA

Monday - Holy crap Christmas is in 3 days. I will probably be wrapping all my presents and still finalizing.

Tuesday - Really need to go to Weight Watchers then off to the grocery store to get everything for Christmas Eve and Morning since it will be at my house.

Wednesday - Leave work a little early because my in-law will be arriving and need to get everything out and ready for them.

Thursday - Ahhh Christmas ... we go to my Aunts house for Christmas dinner so no work there ... sigh.

PS I need to buy my husband a gift ... when can I squeeze that in???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Utube Gods

I wish I had a tape of our First Dance at our wedding but I will have to settle for this instead. Man, if I had only thought of this before hand. hubby and I could have been Gods of Utube.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread Man

One of my favorite commercials of the holiday season.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

J & B's Wedding

Last night was wonderful. J looked beautiful in her dress and B was very handsome with his new haircut. The ceremony was quick, the wine flowed, the steak was amazing and the music rocked. Hubby and I got some good dancing in and had a really romantic time. J & B left this morning for Napa Valley so while we have the snow and the cold they will be warm, sunny and full of wine.

Happy Honeymoon to them!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"I Object"

"I Object" was funny when Donkey said it in Shrek; however, this is not cool at an actual wedding. I forgot to mention that last night at the rehearsal the Reverend told us a story ... apparently one wedding that his colleague performed the mother of the groom objected. She apparently stated "I object, I liked your old girlfriend better". OMG!!! The wedding still went on but can you imagine what the reception was like!?!?

Rehearsal Dinner

Last night we went to J&B's wedding rehearsal. My hubby is one of the groomsmen and I got to attend as well. The rehearsal went really well and it made me tear up when they said their vows. It reminded me of our vows almost 6 months ago.

After the ceremony we all headed to dinner, we went to The Mill Wharf in Scituate Dinner was great. B's parents made it very impressive with everyone starting with a cup of Clam Chowda ... SO good. Then we all had Shrimp Cocktail, these shrimp were the largest I had ever seen and very tasty. Then they served stuffed mushrooms with a nice stuffing and melted cheese on top. OMG, first I love mushrooms and don't eat them often since hubby doesn't like them, secondly I love stuffed mushrooms especially with a little cheese. These were great.

After all the app's it was time to order dinner. I couldn't decide between their 16 oz steak or their baked stuffed scallops. After having the mushrooms I decided to keep with the stuffed theme and went with the scallops. They didn't disappoint at all. Plus they came with butternut squash, whipped potatoes and green beans. I truly felt like they made this meal just for me because those are all my favorites. Add 3 glasses of Chardonnay to the mix and it was just a wonderful meal.

Thanks to B's parents for such a wonderful meal!

Hooray For Heat

So our furnace guy was able to fix the furnace and all is right with the world. He had to stay till about 9:30pm on Tuesday but it is working. It is so nice to have a warm home and also warm water. There is nothing worst then washing your hands, face or any other body part in cold, freezing water. Buurrrrrr!

Now that we have heat I can try to clean up the house. We have TONS of dishes piled up and have been running the dishwasher constantly to try to catch up. Also the house is just a mess .. its hard to clean when you are cold.

My goal for Sunday is to finish cleaning the house and bring out the holiday decorations. I figure if we can decorate inside and put up the outside lights this weekend then we can get the tree and decorate that next weekend. It's my plan and hopefully it comes together.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cross Your Fingers

Yayay!! Our furnace guy is here with the part we need and he is installing as we speak. In just a few hours we will have heat. I am so thankful!!

PS I am glad my birthday is not around the corner cause I am sick of blowing out candles.