Thursday, October 30, 2008

80's Movies

My new job allows me to get home earlier which is totally awesome!!! When I get home I like to relax a little and sometimes turn on the TV and veg out. Today when I turned on the TV the channel had the movie "Meatballs II" on. Oh, my god! I was SO excited. I know its super old and cheesy but I love movies like that. I couldn't tear myself away from it and watched the whole thing. I know ... I know.

Cheryl and Flash .. going to look at the Big Dipper


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back

I have lost 21 pounds on WW!!! Woo Hoo!!! My pants are getting really loose and one pair I can't even wear any more. I am starting to squeeze into a smaller pair .. alright!! I will be thong ready for next summer!!

Favorite Commercials

Ok, so usually commercials suck but some are pretty cute ... my top picks:

Mr. Bill for Mastercard - My top one!!

Joe Torre for State Farm

Axe - Nick Lachey

PC's Bake Sale

Planters UniBrow Girl

E-Trade with BoBo the Clown

I just love Chevy Chase in National Lampoons

Silly KB

My friend came to our Halloween party last Saturday and she stayed over which was planned. She gets up the next morning and she looks outside and says "Oh, my car is still here. I left the keys in hoping someone would take it". Haa Haa. Seriously!?!?

She then tells me she went to visit a friend in Southie, left her car running outside unlocked and went up to get her friend. Apparently her friend wasn't ready and was heading to the shower. KB said no worries and left her car outside running the whole time. They finally left over 1 hour later and her car was still there.

Apparently you can't give this car away .. it isn't even that bad .. is like a late 90's Honda.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Old Age

It sneaks up on you just when you least expect it. Saturday night we had an adult costume party and it was a huge hit. I think we will do it every year. My costume was a french maid and hubby went as a PC, as in the commercial "Hi, I'm a Mac, I'm a PC". We had lots of fun and drank lots and lots ... well especially me ... I made this great punch and just kept having it .. then the next batch of punch I made I didn't really measure the alcohol and just poured till there was none left and I think that was my down fall.

Sunday morning I woke and thankfully I only had a slight headache and my tummy was just slightly upset but I was walking around like an 80 year old woman. I was so tired and sore and it took 10 mins to make toast ... I don't know ... anyway I felt tired and worn out all Sunday but the kicker is I feel worn out today too. Oh no, I am old .. I now have the 2 day hangover .. Damn it all!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot or Not

We were trying to wait till next Monday before we put the heat on but I have been living in hoodies, wearing blankets, carrying hot water bottles, wearing socks on top of socks on top of socks. Plus my nose has been cold so I have to pull the blanket up over my nose and its still cold. I have been sleeping in these hoodies and three layers over me and having trouble falling alseep cause I am cold. Even worse its been so cold that our towels in the mornings don't really dry because its just too cold which makes getting out of a hot shower in the morning even harder - if thats possible.

Hubby and I keep going back and forth on should we turn the heat on or not ... one says yes lets turn it on, the other says no lets wait till Monday .. we go back and forth and take the opposite side all the time but it finally has stopped today. Hubby emailed me this morning and stated "Let's put the heat on" and I say "YES".

God, I forgot how much I love HEAT!!!!! It is so nice not to walk around in 5 layers of clothing .. not thats its on high but just enough to take the chill out. Man, I am super excited to go to sleep tonight and slip into warm sweet dreams.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Outfits

So I bought my Halloween outfit and its sexy of course. Halloween is the only time you are allowed to dress slutty .. well also on vacations when you pull out the bikini cause you don't know anyone even thought the bikini doesn't fit you anymore ... or when you are on your honeymoon, or when you go grocery shopping. Well whatever you do.

Anyway I am getting my hair dyed this Saturday and getting rid of the blonde, going dark and more of my natural color for fall. If I didn't have the costume I already have then my back up would not be sexy but funny. I would be Flo from Progressive. I would have the dark hair, black headband, we both are white, have great smiles, I would put on bright red lipstick, I have a white apron and could iron on Progressive and then I could trick out my name tag, and yell out "Surprise" every now and then.

Ya, aren't you glad I didn't do that.

I think we're on crack

Last night Hubby and I were talking and somehow we started acting like we were on crack ... it was after 10pm people, you know I turn into a zombie, I don't remember exactly but here is the jitz.

hubby: There was a pecan muffin left over at work so I had it this afternoon, it was SO good.
me: A pecan muffin, wow they are like 14 points on WW.
hubby: Well, I think it was pecans, you know the fruit that is dried out and looks like balls.
me: Fruit that looks like balls? Raisins?
hubby: No not fruit, nuts that look like balls.
me: Nuts that look like balls?

Apparently he is going to show me a picture but you know what - don't think I want to see dried out balls. All set thanks!!

Later that night ...

hubby: I went for a walk during lunch and looked at some Rays baseball hats.
me: Why do you need a Rays hat?
hubby: I want to show my support.
me: You don't need more hats.
hubby: You don't need more shoes.
me: I will make you a sign that says "Go Rays" and you can hold it up while we watch the game.
hubby: I want a hat.
me: I will staple the sign to your body.
hubby: I don't think I like that.
me: That's what you get for wanting a hat.

Monday, October 20, 2008

First Day

Today was my first day at the new job. It was a good day although a little confusing and not quite as organized as I would like but what can you do. Tomorrow should be better since I know a little more of what is to come and my coworkers are fabulous.

Pet Peeve, Computer keyboards. Why is it that keyboards have different layouts?? My personal laptop's keyboard is set up one way and then my new work laptop's keyboard is set up different. For instance, my delete button on my home laptop is down on the right but the work one is on the top right. Grrrrr. I don't like it! I felt like a 2 year old typing on the computer today at work. Thank goodness no one was around ... they would think I never worked a computer.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My favorite song for the moment is "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce

PS I got my halloween costume ... nope, I am not telling :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have a dear friend who works the night shift and will call me on her way home from work in the morning and it works out because I am on my way in to work so we chat any time from 7:40 - 8:30am. However, this week I am not working, I am sleeping in. This morning she calls around 7:40am and I am dead a sleep.

Me: (Groggy voice) I am sleeping, call you back
Her: What?!? Hello
Me: (Trying to clear my voice) I am sleeping, call you back
Her: What?!? Aren't you suppose to be at work?
Me: No, I start Monday.
Her: What?!? Which Monday?
Me: This coming Monday
Her: But isn't today Monday?
Me: No, it's Friday
Her: Oh

Hee Hee, think she has been working the night shift a little too long!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Things

Little reminders that I am married. I was refilling a prescription on the phone yesterday with CVS and you know how it says "The first 3 letters of the patient's last name is ..." Well all my life it has been "PRI" ... well yesterday for the first time it said "SCH". Eeekk. I had this huge grin on my face!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trying To Be Friends With A Burn

Sigh, living with a burn it not easy.

My options for showering it to take cold shower or stick my hand away from the water and do everything with my left hand. I had to switch to cold water because I couldn't get all the shampoo out of my hair and needed the burned hand to take over.

I washed the dishes with my left hand, instead of 1-2 mins per pot we are talking 5 - 8 mins per pot. It is SO frustrating.

At night when I am sleeping I need to have the hand away from everything because if it brushes up again a pillow it hurts and I wake up.

Man, this totally sucks. I hate burns!! I hate them!!! Ok, I feel better after my little rant.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Teapot Bit Me

So yesterday I was having a bad day for some strange reason. I had a long list of things I wanted to get done and felt like I did nothing. I ended up driving around with a pounding headache. I finally get home and have some lunch and am trying to get this headache to go away (ya I took a bunch of Advil). Anyway I decide a nice cup of green tea with make me feel better. Instead of just heating up the hot water in the microwave I decide to use the teapot. I put the water in the teapot and start heating it up on the stove. I can tell it's getting hot and don't need for it to start whistling so I shut off the oven and start pouring it into my little cup. Well apparently the middle lid where I originally poured the water into wasn't pushed down all the way because as I am pouring the tea the lid decides to commit suicide and jump off the teapot and land on the floor. I am so amazed at this that it takes a moment for me to realize that there is FREAKING HOT STEAM coming out from the teapot and it hits my right hand which was holding/pouring the water out. OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 3 of my fingers got burned from the steam and my little pinkie got it the worst.

I dropped the teapot and got my fingers under cold water. The water was so cold that I start to get an ache in my elbow and after another few minutes I get this same ache in my shoulder and it really hurts so now I am tearing up. Ok. Time to switch to ice. I wrap myself up in a blanket cause the rest of me is freezing and I get some ice and begin the annoying job of icing my hand.

Ok, things should get better right. Sadly, no. This is when I turned on the Red Sox game just in time to see BJ Upton from Tampa get a 3 run home run. Fun times. My headache is gone but my mood quickly turns to bitchy. Hubby gets home a little later and I tell him that the teapot bit me and he agrees that the teapot should go to hell.

After a while of ice on and ice off, I am feeling better and the burn is under control until I decide to be a good little wifey and make my husband some dinner. I was making a new WW recipe for Shepherds Pie and was excited to try it. Well, it requires lots of time using the oven and stirring ingredients on the stove, thus getting my burned fingers hot, which freaking hurts. So I am trying to cook with a bag of frozen carrot & peas on my right hand and stir with my left. Not so good. Finally I have to add the carrots & peas to my pot so I have no cold pack that will stay on. So I need to kick it up, I go fast and ignore the pain and throw stuff together and get the casserole in the oven.

I grab my ice and put it on my hand yet again. After 20 minutes I am able to take it off for a little bit and my hubby reminds me that we have some burn cream ointment. He gets that for me and puts it very gently on my fingers. Can I just say, when he put that on me it was better then an orgasm, oh god it felt so good. The pain went away, it soothed and calmed me and it just felt SO good.

I am sorry to all my friends but Burn Ointment is my new BFF.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Train Couple

So I never asked the girl what happened. I was going back and forth with it and decided it was not my business and I shouldn't. I mean, seriously, if he broke up with her she could be really sad and I wouldn't want to bring that up. We will never know what happened .....

Is it bad that I am more concerned about what happened with that ring then with them?!?!?

Friday, October 10, 2008


Annie Oakley meet this Annie ... from one of my coworkers!!

Last Day

My last day at work is today and I am EXCITED!!! I will miss my coworkers but there is a bunch of stuff I won't miss.

I will not miss:

The commute ... walking 15 mins from the train to work so my hair never looks good, I sweat when its hot and I have to wear the "oh not sexy" white sneakers.

Work politics ... working for the state is not easy when everything has to go up & down the flag pole 5 or 6 times before you can do anything.

Having to dress up everyday for work .. come on ... Fridays should be jeans day!

Only 30 mins for lunch, well I always take more but only really allowed 30 mins.

Waiting for information from others so I can do my job.

Listening to a passive aggressive person who complains under her breath.

There is a ton more but you get the point!! Woo Hoo ... looking forward to a lovely week off!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Train Couple

We take the commuter train to work and almost every morning for that past year we would see this couple get on the train after us. The girl is very thin, cute but looks like a snob. She has the designer bags I love and a few months ago started flashing a beautiful Tiffany engagement ring - The Legacy.

I totally love this ring but who the hell can actually afford it, well apparently her fiance. Her fiance is not as good looking as her but apparently has a large wallet and tries to dress nicely. They are the snooty couple that I would see all the time, then suddenly a few weeks ago the ring was off and the fiance was not near her. Hmmmm, could it be that her ring is at the jewelers and he just didn't make that train today? Was he just out sick? Was the wedding off? Did she give back the ring or did she keep it? These are the things that race through my head.

A few weeks have gone by and I see her occassionaly still, no ring and usually alone. Although last week I saw the guy talking with her outside her office building (we walk the same way people, I am not that much of a stalker). So are they back together? Are they still together but not ready for marriage? Did they break up and having an ackward talk about the breakup?

The sad part is I will never get the answers to these questions and my last ride with them will be this Friday since my new job requires not going into the city.

Whatever happens I wish the train couple happiness .... whether it's with each other or not.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chicken Bone

So one of my current coworkers has been sick for a while, she has an on and off again pain in her stomach and slight fever. After going on for a several weeks into the month long range she went to the doctor. They had her come in and then scheduled an ultrasound for later that week to check out her stomach. Last Friday she felt so bad and was really worried what it might be thanks to WebMD so she left work and went to the ER. She had a lovely 9 hour stay at the hospital where they poked her with needles, ran different tests and finally did a chest and stomach X-ray which produced the answer - a chicken bone. What the hell??!!?? They found a small chicken bone stuck in her intestines, which was inflamed and caused her all this distress. Holy crap, how did she swallow a chicken bone??!!??!! The world will never know.

Monday, October 6, 2008

LA vs Boston

"Anaheim is one of the best planned, laid out cities in America. In Boston, they let cows decide where the streets would go." From the Boston Globe

It is so funny because I walked from South Station to work and it takes about 15 mins and I feel like cattle being herded around!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


What do dreams say about you? I understand there are common dreams and they can be interpreted but what do you do when your husband tells you that he had a dream that his Xbox was stolen and during his dream he found out that Tina Turner stole his Xbox.

Tina Turner?? What??? Seriously?? I don't even want to know what this means!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Weapon of Choice

This morning before entering the shower, I picked up all the tiny bits of soap, tossed them and then pulled out a brand new bar. Everything was going great till I put it back on our shower shelf, or so I thought, cause the next moment it slid right off and then fell to the ground in an upward movement towards the back of the tub and then came back down in "ramming speed" mode and collided right into my ankle bone. OUCH!!!!!! I thought someone took a bowling bowl and throw it into me, but no, only my little bar of soap. I did not know what a weapon it could be. The next time we have a prowler, Ed will be grabbing the bat and I will be grabbing a bar of soap.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sun

I thought it would never come out again. This week has been so depressing with darkness and lots of rain. God bless the sun!!!