Monday, March 29, 2010

I was stuck in the bathroom

Dear little blog,

I am so sorry for ignoring you for the past few weeks. I blame being stuck in the bathroom for why I have been ignoring you. The whole peeing things is getting worse and worse as my belly gets bigger and bigger. Waking up 5 times in one night just to have a little dribble come out is not cool, ya I know its way too much information but I am a 35 week pregnant woman so nothing is off limits.

So let me update you on what's been going on:

1. My friends and family surprised me at the end of February with an amazing baby shower. It was truly a wonderful day and it was nice to be surprised. I cannot believe how much stuff we have gotten and how many items we still need. I have lists on top of lists but feel much better since the nursery is about 90% done.

2a. Did you know that Target receipts expire? Seriously, if gift certificates in Mass cannot expire how the hell can a receipt expire? I don't get it. My mom had bought us a bobby bouncer for Xmas that we never opened and decided to return since we were able to use our friends bouncy chairs instead. When we went to return it Target said the receipt expired and then they could not locate it in their inventory so they couldn't give us a credit on it because they didn't know how much it cost. The girl seriously asked us if we got this from Target - um, hello the receipt is from Target with this item on it and the big freaking Target logo on it - am I missing something. Finally, after us complaining and asking to speak with a manager she was able to figure it out.

2b. Did you know that Target gives you crap about returning items that were bought online? We got some gifts sent to us by friends that were duplicates so we went to the store to return them and were told that we needed to go online and get the receipts but how can I do this when I didn't buy it - it was a gift. All I have is the packing slip. Again, after we complained they were able to take care of it but why should we have to complain?

3. We had some professional maternity photos done this past weekend and it should take about 2 weeks to get the proofs. The woman came to our home so she was able to take pictures of the nursery as well as hubby and I. I did a little Demi Moore pose with a little scarf wrapped around my breasts and the bare belly showing. We will see how it comes out.

4. For all of those people who have ever had a belly ring beware, when you are pregnant that skin pops out right and you have a bright red "X" over your belly button. At first I thought it was a bruise but then I realized what it was from. Hopefully it will hide again after the baby comes out.

5. We started interviewing pediatrician's this week. Had an appointment today and another one on Wednesday. I really liked the first woman and she has 1 year old twins so she totally gets it. We will see how the 2nd one is.

6. Going to see the Red Sox play the Yankees on April 7th. Hubby got tickets from work and we are super excited.

7. Fantasy baseball drafting has started and this year I am on two leagues. I really love playing fantasy sports, especially when I kick the guys butts. I figure with all the hours I will be up with the newborn I can turn on SportsCenter and really get the inside information. My team name for the friends/family league is Uterine Explosion, fitting don't you think. The other league is with hubby's work so I couldn't be so blunt.

8. The belly is getting bigger and I have been having lots of back & groin pain. The prenatal yoga helps a lot but that is only one night a week so I need to do it on my own.

9. I keep forgetting to take belly pictures each week for the belly book. Oh well, I have more pictures then not.

10. We finished our child birthing classes and the more information I get the more scared I become. I am trying to keep all my options open because I do not want to be so focused on one way and then feel like I failed with it doesn't work out that way. Besides I don't have any control, this little baby does.

Okay, I think that is a pretty good update for now. Less then 5 weeks to go (although who knows) and less then 4 weeks to go till maternity leave. Woo hoo. Hopefully I can have a few days to myself before the little one comes although by the end I will be praying to get this baby out of me. I am feeling uncomfortable now and I know it will only get worse.

PS I just feel like its a girl and I keep telling hubby that I will be shocked (jaw drops) if it's a boy but only time will tell.


Mommy To Be

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Christian said...

1). It is AMAZING after the baby is born and you can hold your bladder for longer than 10 minutes. Just you wait, it'll feel like Christmas! :-)
2). Target SUCKS!! We registered there for the wedding, and I refused to do so for the baby. I also received some baby gifts in the mail from Target, and when I went to return them (they were duplicates) with the packing slip, they toldme I had to go over to their stupid computer and find a receipt. A worker had to do it for me cause I was really confused how I was supposed to find a receipt for something a) I didn't buy and b) I didn't register for at Target. Idiots. The whole lot of 'em!
3). Can't wait to see your maternity pics and shots of the nursery!
4). I LOVE my pediatrician, but he's not exactly close to you. Dr. Christian out of Quincy Pediatrics (they have an office in Quincy and Marshfield, he works out of both, I see him in Marshfield though).
5). The back and groin pain is the pits. And, unfortunately, its going to get worse before it gets better. But you are in the home stretch now chica!!!
6). Can't wait to meet her or him :-)