Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gift Receipts

I have been returning gifts and using gift receipts although I don't get why the return counters need to be so difficult. We went to Babies R Us this weekend and handed the woman our gift receipt on a specific item. The lady literally says "Do you have the original receipt?" Hmmm, I gave you a gift receipt so I obviously don't have the original. She was able to process the item and gave us store credit which is fine.

I wonder if the stores actually give you the exact amount that the person bought the gift for or if they give you a lower refund amount. I mean how would I know. They don't list the price on the gift cards and its not like I am going to ask the person who gave me the gift how much it was, let alone tell them I am returning their gift.

This is just one of the many random thoughts that run through my mind. On a side note I think hubby is having some sympathy pains. He is on the same bathroom schedule I am right now, pain in his feet and feeling tired too. Is it sad that I am happy he is having some of these feelings? It is nice to know that as my life & body changes his is a little too. Love you babe~

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