Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Anti-Gifts

So we have our best Christmas gifts but what about the terrible, are you kidding me kind of gifts? We all get them and I thought it would be fun to go down that memory lane.

One of my worst gifts that still makes me laugh today was from my Grandma when I was in high school. On Christmas Day we would go to Grammy's house for dinner, family time and the gift exchange. My cousin Jennie and I are about the same age so we would always get the same gifts. This particular year Jennie got her gift first and I knew I would be getting the same. What was this wonderful gift? It was some canned goods, a jar of spaghetti sauce and a box of spaghetti. Ok, I don't want to seem bitchy here but I was still living my parents ... I was still in high school.

Jennie and I were both kinda shocked because this is something Grammy never gave us before but of course we pretended to love it. The worst part though was that Jennie's box of spaghetti was open and half used. Oye. It still makes me smile though.

How about you? Any good stories?

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The Ramos Family said...

I can't think of a bad Christmas present, but Gram and Gramp used to give me among other things, a package of underwear for my front of all my friends. I always wanted to die!