Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Edition

Love: Outside Christmas lights that my hubby hung up for us.
Hate: That we only have 3 candles up in the front windows even though we have 4 windows. The fourth candles light bulb burnt out and we have yet to replace it.

Love: Putting up the Christmas Tree. It is fun putting up the lights and all the ornaments.
Hate: Taking down the Christmas Tree. Why does it always seem that there are more ornaments to take down then we put up?

Love: My Santa's village. I love the little lights and the multi-layers of all the village homes.
Hate: Styrofoam. Yuck. The noise hurts my ears but my village is delicate so I need it to be in Styrofoam.

Love: Christmas songs!!!
Hate: That I miss out on all the new songs that come out between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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