Monday, April 5, 2010

Fire Drill Run By Monkeys

As we have approached the last leg of this pregnancy a few things have gotten harder: walking up stairs, seeing my feet, sliding past hubby while he is at the sink, walking down stairs, bumping into things, getting up off the couch, plus a million other things. With all that said though the biggest is getting out of bed in a hurry.

This past weekend we were on the Cape for Easter and sleeping in a Queen bed, although it felt more like a full size. I have my body pillow on my right side and am lying on it. I have two other pillows stuffed in on my left side and 2 pillows under my head. I am sleeping pretty good for the moment when all of a sudden I stretch my leg out and BAM, charlie horse. Ouch!

I know I have to get out of bed and walk around and it will go away but getting out of bed is much easier said then done. My back is to the edge of the bed so I begin the ever so graceful pregnant lady rocking to move me onto my back and then to keep moving me onto my left side; however, with all the pillows around me I feel more like a beached whale thrashing around. I finally grab my calf and begin to massage it, which does nothing. Then go back to the thrashing around which finally gets me to the edge of the bed and I can sit up. I throw my legs off the side and am able to hobble around until the pain goes away.

The only way I can describe it is to be in the middle of a fire drill but its being run by monkeys. You get what I am saying.

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Chrissy and Anthony said...

Oh Annie, I remember it like it was yesterday...the pillow cocoon, the charlie horses, the production of trying to get out of bed...too funny!!