Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where Did My Brain Go

The last few weeks of pregnancy have been interesting and uncomfortable. I am trying to just think about the finish line but feel like I am running up Heartbreak Hill for all of you Boston Marathon fans.

The worst part is my memory. I am usually so good with remembering things but it has gotten so bad that I swear I have probably used a whole tree worth of post it notes. Sorry little tree, I will try to plant something to make up for it.

Not only has the memory gone but my judgement is going. I am doing some stupid things. Just yesterday I stopped at the mailbox to get the mail. I pulled up to it still in my car because that is what I do and noticed that there was a small beehive under the mailbox. Now I know a few things: 1. This is something new that was not here a few days ago and 2. It is spring time so most likely there will be bees in it but yet I ignored all that I know and flicked it with my finger. Yep, this brillant pregnancy brain of mine decided I had to touch it and try to break it off.

I flicked it and nothing happened for about 2 seconds and then the noise of the bees could be heard. Luckily, my brillant brain bounced back and though gee, maybe I should close the windows & the sun roof so the bees don't get in. So that is what I did. I then crept the car away from the mailbox and pulled up into the driveway. I let hubby get the mail later that night.

When I told hubby about what I had done he just looked at me like who is this insane person and when will my wife be back. I know it was so stupid, who does that - well apparently me pregnant. There are so many little things like this that I cannot even remember them all but needed to share this one.


Girly Green Girl said...

Yikes Annie, you silly girl... be careful! So excited for your finish line... hang in there!!

Kim said...

I hear that "pregnancy brain" goes away after the little one is born. Don't worry! Can't wait for the big day! xoxo

Chrissy and Anthony said...

Annie, let's not put ourselves in harms way anymore, ok? hehe

Kim, its a myth! "Pregnancy Brain" is just replaced with "Mommy Brain" - I used to be so on top of things! lol