Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Cold

So Monday night I went to Wheaton College and met with their WOW group (women of wheaton). This group focuses on domesitc violence issues and sexual assault which is right in line with my job. So this Wednesday their group and my agency are uniting in a Take Back The Night Event. It should be really good and I am excited to work with them.

The Cold .. let's start with this. As I was being shown around campus to prepare for the march on Wednesday I notice the big bank sign that read 21 degrees. Eeekkkk. No wonder my face was frozen. Come on. I am ready for flip flops and warm weather.

The Bad ... at the beginning of the meeting while we waited for others to come we started talking about the Chris Brown and Rhianna story. One of the girls looked at me and said "Do you know who they are?" What!!! Seriously?!?! I am only 28 years old .. hell yes I know who they are. My freaking Mother-In-Law knows who they are. I felt so OLD at the moment.

The Good ... I told the college students about my work history, my bachelors and masters and how I ended up working for a non-profit domestic violence and sexual assault agency. The girls were amazed. They asked me all these questions and seemed really interested in my life experience. I told them that if they ever wanted to talk about careers and life paths I would be happy to, one of the seniors said "I would be honored to talk with you more". How sweet!

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