Friday, March 13, 2009


My husband is a rock star!!!

Picture this, it is Friday with a deadline of noon time to have one of our grants done. We have been working hard all week pulling data & stat's together, wording things just so, getting support letters from local courts and agencies all to print it out and find that we have the stupid "DRAFT" written faintly in large letters across the pages.

Oh shit!!!! EEEEKKKK!!!! AHHHHH!!!! OH NO!!!!! These are the words that came spewing out of our mouths as we saw it print out with the dreaded "DRAFT". But wait, in the distance we saw a shiny sexy prince only a cell phone call away.

I raced to call my husband, who responded like batman. He quickly told me what to do and how to do it. In less then a minute we have the dreaded "DRAFT" gone from our papers.

YES!!! Thank God!!! It worked!! He is a Rock Star!! Hell, ya he is a Rock Star!! Were the cheers coming from my office. I always new my hubby was a rock star and he got to show it today.

Thanks Smokie!!