Monday, June 1, 2009

Will there be babies?

Hubby and I are on a softball team and had a game this past Sunday night. Damn, it got so cold and the wind was whipping. You know its bad when you can taste dirt in your mouth, yuck. Well that wasn't the worst part of the night.
A ball was hit way into the outfield and our center fielder, who has a super strong arm, grabbed the ball on a bounce and whipped it to home plate. Hubby was covering home and the ball came in hard. It looked like hubby would catch it but the ball dropped down and bounced off the ground. When it bounced back up it hit hubby right in the balls - OUCH! He was knocked to the ground and out for the count. Every single guy at the softball game cringed and all groaned. Luckily after a few very long painful moments he was up and moving. Thankfully it wasn't a direct hit because I don't know if he would have ever gotten up.

Poor Hubby~ the joke of the game was that we weren't gonna be able to have babies now. Next game he will be wearing a cup.