Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I love my hubby to death but we are still working on communication:

Me: Can you clean the bathroom upstairs including the shower?

Hubby: Sure, no problem.

Some time passes

Me: (checking out the upstairs bathroom) Um, hun. Did you clean the toilet?

Hubby: No

Me: Did you clean the mirror?

Hubby: No

Me: Um, do you think you can?

Hubby: Sure

Ok, is it me .. I mean cleaning a bathroom includes cleaning the mirror and toilet - right?

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Girly Green Girl said...

Cleaning the toilet is the essential part of cleaning the bathroom! But the mirror, in my humble opinion, is only the cherry on the cleaning sundae. Don't get me started on the shower... we get clean in there... why does it get so damn dirty?!?!?!