Monday, September 21, 2009

Wrap Up

So for anyone complaining about the economy don't come crying to me. My hubby and I have been doing our part in supporting the economy .. a little too much actually but what can you do.

Okay so this summer we had some work done on the house - new tile floor in upstairs bathroom, repainting the first floor ceiling, power washing the deck and house, staining of the deck, repainting the white window trim outside and fixing some of the siding on the shed. Okay I think that was it.

Then we decided to upgrade our living room set. The end tables I got when I was single from Ann & Hope's closing sale, the coffee table is okay but not as large as we want and the TV console was again okay but would not fit the larger TV we wanted. So we upgraded everything.

Moving on, we got a larger TV this summer. Hubby has been wanting a flat screen HD TV for quite a while and has done a good job saving money so we finally bought that. It looks great on the new console and finally it felt that the living room was coming together but of course that would be too easy.

For final touches we took the old couches we had in the living room and gave them away and brought up the brown leather couches from downstairs to make it a little bit more of an adult space. Everything was going great until we remembered that when baby, the cat, had a UTI a while ago she peed on the couch and when the humidity hit the stench came back even worse. Hubby has been great cleaning, re-cleaning and more cleaning the couches but there is no getting that smell out. Oye. So today we went to Jordans and bought a basic brown fabric couch and love seat. It will be delivered on Friday just in time for my birthday.

Okay so hopefully thats it. We have done enough for this damn economy and finally our living room will be done.

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