Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sensitive Nose

I do not remember the exact week it happened but small little smells turned into horrible smells that made me want to die. It has gotten better but it still bothers me.

- We bought new couches from Jordans, well technically we bought a new couch and the floor model love seat. The love seat I am fine with, its the damn new couch. It has new couch smell and I do not like it. Yuck. Many times I refuse to sit on it because of the smell. Now my husband has assured me there is not smell but he still sits with me on the love seat when we watch TV. Awww.

- The fridge. God, why. We have cleaned out the fridge, put odor absorbers in there and made sure all the food in there is in good condition. With all my tries the fridge still bothers me. Many times I take a big breath, open the door and quickly grab what I need and then slam the door shut. This has been my routine for a while now.

- My hubby's breath. Now before I go on it's not bad .. I'm not talking morning breath. I'm talking about when I am sleeping and he rolls over and starts breathing on me at night. I hate his hot breath on me. I usually help push him over so he rolls to the other side and problem solved. I just don't like being breathed on.

I know, I know I am weird but at least I can admit it.

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