Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We Are Pregnant

Oh, I have wanted to write that on this little blog for so long and I finally get too. Woo Hoo.

Let me start with a little background information for everyone:

1. This was a planned pregnancy.
2. Lucky for us it only took 2 months of trying.
3. We found out on August 22nd and took two pregnancy tests to make sure it was true.
4. We are both so happy and excited as this is our first pregnancy.
5. We wait a few weeks to tell people and told our parents on Labor Day weekend when we had them all together. I had little onsies made up that stated "I love my Papa" and "I love my Grammy" for my parents and "I love my Grandpa" and "I love my Nana" for hubby's parents. We wrapped up the gifts separately and handed them out. It was a very exciting time.
6. The first trimester I have been so sick. I mean I see the toilet more then I see my hubby. It's been pretty bad but I am hoping it will get better.
7. We have had two ultrasounds so far. The first one looked like a spot of dust on the screen and the second one really looked like a baby. Eeekk.
8. We are planning on waiting and being surprised on the gender. I think it will be amazing at the end of all that pushing to hear "It's a Girl" or "It's a Boy".
9. I think its a girl.
10. I could not have gotten through the past few weeks without my hubby. He has truly been my rock.

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Girly Green Girl said...

Must feel so good to shout it from the rooftops! Hope the smells and sickness go away soon. Oh and love the new design!