Sunday, November 1, 2009

Crack, no thanks I'm good

All of my pants are still fitting as I entered my 14th week of pregnancy. The only thing that is not fitting well is my favorite pair of jeans. I cannot button the top button ... well I can but its uncomfortable, especially when I sit down. I bought a BellaBand, which is okay, but after sitting and standing, and sitting and standing it gets a little annoying. I finally went on to Old Navy to check out there maternity pants since they have practically no maternity clothing at their stores.

I found a pair below that I thought would be cute. The band wasn't that big which is perfect because I have not popped yet and don't need full coverage for my bellly. I ordered the jeans in a dark vintage color and could get them in long which is a plus since as I am 5'8.

Don't they look cute .. I thought so till I got them in. First, the dark vintage color is more like a dark spandex blue and doesn't look or feel like jeans. Second, I didn't realize low rise meant low rise for barely covering your ass. I thought low rise was the little belly band on it, sadly I was wrong.

Come on, who wants to see pregnant plumbers crack?

Crack + Pregnancy = Gross!


Christian said...

Annie, I told you I didn't like the maternity jeans I got at Old Navy! Go to Motherhood Maternity - get the kind with the secret fit belly, I bought a pair this weekend and I LOVE them!!

The Ramos Family said...

I hated Old Navy maternity pants. They never fit right and like you said, they looked funny. Good luck with your search, by the end you will be wearing sweat pants (and loving elastic waist :)

Annie MacKenzie said...

I know I know .. but they looked so cute.