Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I realize I bruise easily but this is ridiculous. Today we interviewed someone to work in our office and the woman was great except she has an extremely firm handshake. Remember Hightower from the Police Academy.
Image him shaking your hand firmly ... hmmm .. I wonder what that would feel like. If you cannot imagine it why don't you go out and get hit by a car, it is the same affect.

So anyway she shakes my hand with a super strong grip and I try not to wince in front of her because she could be my boss at some point. I just smile nicely. On the way out she shakes my hand even harder and I quickly pull away. On the way back to my cube I notice that I have a bruise on my hand. OMG. A bruise, and it is soon confirmed by my other boss who knows everything so thus it is a bruise. Well how did this happen?? I have my boss shake my hand with her fingers extended and sure enough it fits perfectly in line with this bruise.

Eeeek, so what do I do? I cannot have a boss who has hurt me, I mean isn't there some rule or law against that. I turn to my coworkers and they can't take me seriously because my bruise looks like a warped smiley face.

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