Friday, August 29, 2008

My Tony

Getting ready for the fantasy draft on Sunday. I am hoping to get Romo again but we will see what happens. I have a lot of pride running in these games since the majority are males and I LOVE kicking their butts.
I am better in fantasy baseball (currently in 2 out of 16) then football but hoping to improve this year. Making the playoffs are easy but taking it all is another story.

Good: Being in a fantasy league really educates you on all players, not just your favorite teams. It really gives me an appreciation for all the teams.

Bad: Waking up Monday morning and realizing you didn't set up your lineup. Sucks!!

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Ed said...

Two picks before Annie, I almost took Romo. I realized that for the sake of our marriage, I should pass on Romo. So of course, the guy drafting between Annie and me took Romo.