Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just need Batteries

I am SO excited to share that one of my good friends has finally come to the 21st century and now has a vibrator. Every woman should have at least one!

Some of my friends are very open about this ... you know having it fall out at my wedding .. while others keep it very hidden in the way back of their closet. Either way a girl needs one. For the single, it can help you get through a "dry" patch, for the engaged, it helps with all the stress from wedding planning and for the married, well as the years go by and things change this is one thing that remains the same.

Congrats to those that have one, two or more! If you don't have one yet, put it on your to do list~


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Kimberly said...

You should add that to your resume. how many (satisfied) women have you converted to date?