Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Salon

Can I just say I LOVE going to the hairdresser. I feel so good getting pampered and plus usually when I leave I feel like a superstar. My hairdresser in Medford is fabulous. She is young, hip and totally sweet. The only problem is that I don't live near Medford any more so its a bitch to get there on the weekend so I end up going there after work.

So yesterday I was there and D was running late, which is fine because I didn't have anything else going on. The only downer was I got to listen to this crack lady complain to D about how her hair came out. Personally, I thought it looked nice. Dark hair with caramel highlights.

Apparently, though this lady wanted blonde highlights and they didn't come out that way. D tried to explain that this girls hair is BLACK, yes BLACK, not dark brown, it was black. So even putting bleach blonde on black hair doesn't mean you will get blonde streaks. You need to work up. Most people get this concept but crazy lady just didn't understand. D was great and after crazy lady left all the girls and I had a good laugh.

Plus if she did leave with black hair and bright blonde streaks, she would look like a skunk. Gross, what hairdresser wants to have thier client looking like a skunk.

Then I zoned out and thought about if I was in the show Scrubs this is what would happen:

Crazy girl leaves with her new hair do ...

She comes home and is greeted by her husband, baby and of course their dog!

Thank goodness we don't live in that world because I do not think I could go to a hairdresser that is responsible for this!

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