Sunday, January 4, 2009

Down with Orbitz sucks!! Hubby and I are heading out Martin Luther King weekend to visit his best man in Minnesota. We have been checking flight prices for the past few weeks and finally booked the trip today.

First, we looked at Airtran and they had the best prices however I really don't feel like leaving Boston at 6:30 am and arriving in Minnesota at 11pm. Something just doesn't feel right with that. Next, we looked at Cheaptickets and they were not cheap so I quickly moved on to Expedia. Expedia was still high and only had flights with "one ticket left". I don't get this. I put in that 2 people are flying so why would you show me "one ticket left" flights?!?!? Grrr. Thus, we moved on to Orbitz.

Their prices were more then Airtran but not terrible and we found good flight times and the lay over wasn't to bad. I went to book it and it states "This flight is not available. Message 101" Ok?!?! Why have a flight up that I cannot book. I then proceed to try booking the next flight and I get the same thing. Come to find out all 7 flights on the page were not available. I was so pissed so hubby took over. He called Orbitz in the hopes of booking the flight we wanted. Sadly, they were not helpful either. Their customer service is as great as their website. The woman couldn't give us the flight we wanted and if we did book with them we would have to pay an additional booking fee of $25 per person?!?! Seriously!! We only called cause your website sucks. Why should I pay extra for that?

Finally, we decided to go right to the US Airways website and booked that way. The price was right on target, the flight times were awesome and we were able to get a direct flight on the way there. I am super excited that it is done but seriously annoyed that it took so long. Isn't the internet suppose to help not hinder?

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