Friday, January 30, 2009

Friend Request

Being on Facebook and Myspace has been wonderful for catching up with old friends and keeping in better touch with current friends. What happens though when someone friend requests you and you don't really want to be there friend online even though you kinda are their friend in real life?

My dilemma:

I went to high school with this girl, lets call her Terri. Terri and I were really good friends till we roomed for one week together on our school trip to Paris. I am a morning person and she is SO not. Basically after that trip we really drifted. I no longer spend any one on one time with this person; however, one of my best friends is still really close with her so there have been times that we all get together.

For instance, when my best friend got married we were both in the wedding party. Since I was the maid of honor I got the privilege of pulling the bridal shower, bachelorette party and a few wedding details together. I say privilege because it really was - being asked to stand by the side of my friend as she got married was one of the most amazing moments of my life. I have had that privelege twice.

Ok so I digress, Terri wasn't much help with the planning and to top it all off she didn't pay me till a few weeks after everything was said and done and then her check bounced. It bounced!!! My bank charged me a $20 fee on top of the money that I was already out from her ... grrrrrrr! To this day she has not paid me and I know she never will. Although in her defense she was going through a pretty rough financial patch but she never even said sorry.

Ok, ok I am working it out but I still don't have to say yes to her request.


Kim said...

I'm so sorry you are out that money!! I feel so bad!

Annie MacKenzie said...

Don't feel bad .. I feel bed for you because she still owes you 2 dish sets.

Annie MacKenzie said...

whoops bad .. can you tell I really want to go back to bed

Mrs Pop said...

I have run into that problem on FB myself... What to do? I actually accept the friend requests because I am a show-off. ;) And maybe it makes me a horrible person, but I have friends on FB that I was never close with in high school, and I want them to see how well I'm doing now and that, well, HA HA! You know?

Yes, I still have some maturity issues.

Annie MacKenzie said...

Haaa Haaa .. as long as we can admit it then its fine!