Saturday, January 10, 2009


Loved: Getting to leave work early on Friday because I had worked a 10 hour day before.
Hated: Having to work a 10 hour day and the fact that people need to work on Fridays. Working on Fridays should be against the law.

Loved: When I pulled into the gas station to fill up my tank they asked if I could wait a moment so they could lower the price for me. Yes, they lowered from $1.71 to $1.61.
Hated: After I left the gas station I got stuck behind a student driver all the way to the highway.

Loved: I was able to squeeze in a manicure before my doctor's appointment.
Hated: I got the slowest nail tech in the world so I barely made it to my doct's appt and couldn't relax during the mani.

Loved: Meeting my husband for dinner. He had called ahead and was just getting seated as I walked in the door. No hour wait for us.
Hated: The fact that our waiter sucked! He forgot to bring us bread, forgot to have crumbled blue cheese on my steak, he forgot to get my husband's side dish, not to mention him forgetting to refill our drinks.

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