Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Past Weekend

Saturday night hubby and I went to the Gold Wing Riders After Holiday Party. We don't ride motorcylces so why did we go? Well we went because they raise a lot of money for the non-profit agency that I work for and had invited us. The people were really nice although they were much older and riders. They kept asking my husband if he rides and sadly he would respond no I don't.

They got a kick out of the fact that we are newlyweds ... it was pretty funny. They asked about babies and I told them we are thinking this year, probably mid summer although we will see. It was precious how these women, who I hadn't met before, got so excited at the thought of our future babies.

Thanks to them for making us feel so welcomed!

PS If I ever do ride I would love to have something like Batman used in the Dark Knight.

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