Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot or Not

We were trying to wait till next Monday before we put the heat on but I have been living in hoodies, wearing blankets, carrying hot water bottles, wearing socks on top of socks on top of socks. Plus my nose has been cold so I have to pull the blanket up over my nose and its still cold. I have been sleeping in these hoodies and three layers over me and having trouble falling alseep cause I am cold. Even worse its been so cold that our towels in the mornings don't really dry because its just too cold which makes getting out of a hot shower in the morning even harder - if thats possible.

Hubby and I keep going back and forth on should we turn the heat on or not ... one says yes lets turn it on, the other says no lets wait till Monday .. we go back and forth and take the opposite side all the time but it finally has stopped today. Hubby emailed me this morning and stated "Let's put the heat on" and I say "YES".

God, I forgot how much I love HEAT!!!!! It is so nice not to walk around in 5 layers of clothing .. not thats its on high but just enough to take the chill out. Man, I am super excited to go to sleep tonight and slip into warm sweet dreams.

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The Ramos Family said...

Doesn't paying for your own heat suck? You would not beleive what we pay for oil for all of our apartment buildings...grrrr! Enjoy the warmth. At least you don't live in Maine where we had to turn the heat on over a month ago!