Friday, October 10, 2008

Last Day

My last day at work is today and I am EXCITED!!! I will miss my coworkers but there is a bunch of stuff I won't miss.

I will not miss:

The commute ... walking 15 mins from the train to work so my hair never looks good, I sweat when its hot and I have to wear the "oh not sexy" white sneakers.

Work politics ... working for the state is not easy when everything has to go up & down the flag pole 5 or 6 times before you can do anything.

Having to dress up everyday for work .. come on ... Fridays should be jeans day!

Only 30 mins for lunch, well I always take more but only really allowed 30 mins.

Waiting for information from others so I can do my job.

Listening to a passive aggressive person who complains under her breath.

There is a ton more but you get the point!! Woo Hoo ... looking forward to a lovely week off!

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