Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I think we're on crack

Last night Hubby and I were talking and somehow we started acting like we were on crack ... it was after 10pm people, you know I turn into a zombie, I don't remember exactly but here is the jitz.

hubby: There was a pecan muffin left over at work so I had it this afternoon, it was SO good.
me: A pecan muffin, wow they are like 14 points on WW.
hubby: Well, I think it was pecans, you know the fruit that is dried out and looks like balls.
me: Fruit that looks like balls? Raisins?
hubby: No not fruit, nuts that look like balls.
me: Nuts that look like balls?

Apparently he is going to show me a picture but you know what - don't think I want to see dried out balls. All set thanks!!

Later that night ...

hubby: I went for a walk during lunch and looked at some Rays baseball hats.
me: Why do you need a Rays hat?
hubby: I want to show my support.
me: You don't need more hats.
hubby: You don't need more shoes.
me: I will make you a sign that says "Go Rays" and you can hold it up while we watch the game.
hubby: I want a hat.
me: I will staple the sign to your body.
hubby: I don't think I like that.
me: That's what you get for wanting a hat.

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