Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Teapot Bit Me

So yesterday I was having a bad day for some strange reason. I had a long list of things I wanted to get done and felt like I did nothing. I ended up driving around with a pounding headache. I finally get home and have some lunch and am trying to get this headache to go away (ya I took a bunch of Advil). Anyway I decide a nice cup of green tea with make me feel better. Instead of just heating up the hot water in the microwave I decide to use the teapot. I put the water in the teapot and start heating it up on the stove. I can tell it's getting hot and don't need for it to start whistling so I shut off the oven and start pouring it into my little cup. Well apparently the middle lid where I originally poured the water into wasn't pushed down all the way because as I am pouring the tea the lid decides to commit suicide and jump off the teapot and land on the floor. I am so amazed at this that it takes a moment for me to realize that there is FREAKING HOT STEAM coming out from the teapot and it hits my right hand which was holding/pouring the water out. OUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 3 of my fingers got burned from the steam and my little pinkie got it the worst.

I dropped the teapot and got my fingers under cold water. The water was so cold that I start to get an ache in my elbow and after another few minutes I get this same ache in my shoulder and it really hurts so now I am tearing up. Ok. Time to switch to ice. I wrap myself up in a blanket cause the rest of me is freezing and I get some ice and begin the annoying job of icing my hand.

Ok, things should get better right. Sadly, no. This is when I turned on the Red Sox game just in time to see BJ Upton from Tampa get a 3 run home run. Fun times. My headache is gone but my mood quickly turns to bitchy. Hubby gets home a little later and I tell him that the teapot bit me and he agrees that the teapot should go to hell.

After a while of ice on and ice off, I am feeling better and the burn is under control until I decide to be a good little wifey and make my husband some dinner. I was making a new WW recipe for Shepherds Pie and was excited to try it. Well, it requires lots of time using the oven and stirring ingredients on the stove, thus getting my burned fingers hot, which freaking hurts. So I am trying to cook with a bag of frozen carrot & peas on my right hand and stir with my left. Not so good. Finally I have to add the carrots & peas to my pot so I have no cold pack that will stay on. So I need to kick it up, I go fast and ignore the pain and throw stuff together and get the casserole in the oven.

I grab my ice and put it on my hand yet again. After 20 minutes I am able to take it off for a little bit and my hubby reminds me that we have some burn cream ointment. He gets that for me and puts it very gently on my fingers. Can I just say, when he put that on me it was better then an orgasm, oh god it felt so good. The pain went away, it soothed and calmed me and it just felt SO good.

I am sorry to all my friends but Burn Ointment is my new BFF.

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Kimberly said...

skipping the line where you call the burn ointment your BFF....

I love that Ed completely took your side and banished the tea pot to hell. what a keeper! :)