Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Outfits

So I bought my Halloween outfit and its sexy of course. Halloween is the only time you are allowed to dress slutty .. well also on vacations when you pull out the bikini cause you don't know anyone even thought the bikini doesn't fit you anymore ... or when you are on your honeymoon, or when you go grocery shopping. Well whatever you do.

Anyway I am getting my hair dyed this Saturday and getting rid of the blonde, going dark and more of my natural color for fall. If I didn't have the costume I already have then my back up would not be sexy but funny. I would be Flo from Progressive. I would have the dark hair, black headband, we both are white, have great smiles, I would put on bright red lipstick, I have a white apron and could iron on Progressive and then I could trick out my name tag, and yell out "Surprise" every now and then.

Ya, aren't you glad I didn't do that.

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