Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun Facts

Just a few little things that brighten my day:

1. Snooze!! I love hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock. I usually set my alarm 15-20 mins early just so I can hit snooze.
2. When I am approaching a traffic light and the light turns green before I have to hit my brakes .. always makes me smile.
3. My cat, The Baby. She is not a lap cat but every now and then when I am lying on the couch she will jump on me. It is precious.
4. The automatic starter on my car!! Funny side note .. when we bought the car we didn't know there was a starter in it. Sometimes when I threw the keys in my purse the car would just start up ... weird .. finally we figured what buttons to press to get it to work.
5. Coffee .. the perfect blend with some equal and half & half ... it just makes the day better.
6. Little notes of love from my husband ... whether it is a text, email or phone call it always makes my day better.
7. Quotes that I share with my friends - "Our pets heads are falling off", "If Mike Skidmore asked you to go to the Junior Prom would you go with him", "It was Perry not Berry", "The Rabbit" .. I could keep going
8. Slippers. It is silly but I LOVE slippers .. when I travel I try to always bring them with me.

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