Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

Good: I got to sleep in since I don't have to be to work till 11am.
Bad: I had a hard time sleeping because we watched two episodes of Criminal Minds before we went to bed and I was scared a crazy killer was going to come get me.

Good: I have no zits on my face.
Bad: Thank god for the first part because I put my makeup on in hubby's car yesterday when he dropped me off at the train and I forgot to get it and he has already left; thus, I have no makeup for today.

Good: It is warm out. Tanktops, shorts, and flipflops.
Bad: I haven't shaved and my body is not ready for it to be shown off.

Good: Red Sox vs Yankees all weekend.
Bad: Hubby gets to go to the Saturday game but not me .. its okay though because he will get boo'd since he is a Yankee fan.

Good: A few extra minutes this morning to blog.
Bad: Because I have no makeup to put on.

Hope you all enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend and GO RED SOX!!!

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