Monday, April 27, 2009


I was driving to work today, enjoying the beautiful weather with the sun roof open and the warm air blowing in. I going around 77/78 mph and was passing someone on the Mass Pike, I moved from the 2nd lane into the 3rd lane. After I passed them I put my directional on, looked over my shoulder and proceeded to pull into the 2nd lane. Everything was fine, no cars and I proceeded to change lanes. Mid-change this asshole comes out of now where in the first lane and roars by me. My heart just stopped. I never saw this guy at all. Now, he is on the first lane so no worries but I never saw him. Probably the reason why I never saw him was because as I was going 77/78 mph he made me feel like I was stopped. He had to be doing atleast 95 mph and he scared the shit out of me. After a few deep breaths my pounding heart returned back to normal and I began muttering "asshole, asshole". A few moments later I saw a beautiful state trooper activate his lights and take off after Mr. Asshole. Sigh, it was a glorious moment. I love when justice is served.

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