Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is This Bad?

Is it bad if ......

1. You take a cool pen from the restaurant when the waitress leaves it with you to sign the credit card receipt.

2. You run a red light because you are super late.

3. You don't tell a co-worker, who is bitchy, that she has something in her teeth.

4. You toot (lady version of farting) and blame the cat.

5. You are running late to work because you slept in so you tell people there was a car accident that tied up traffic.

6. You see someone who is heavier then you and you feel better about yourself.

7. You decide to be lazy and not shower on Saturday and Sunday.

8. You want a new phone because you found out the elderly woman you work with has the same phone as you.

9. You refuse to make coffee just on principle.

10. You stick your stomach out in the mirror to see what you will look like when you are preggers.


Kim said...

I guess I'm going to hell then!!

Annie MacKenzie said...

Haa Haa .. see you there!