Thursday, April 2, 2009


My parents were at Stop and Shop the other day ordering a cake for the baby shower. They also figured while they where there they would pick up some pampers and other baby stuff for the baby shower. The come walking down the aisle holding all the baby items and the run into Debbie Sue, one of my friends and old co-workers from The Restaurant.

This is what happens ...

Dad: Waving and grabbing at the pampers.

Dad: He is pointing to them with a huge smile on his face.

Debbie Sue: Really?!?! She is pregnant?!?

Dad: Yep, my neice is really pregnant. Haa Haa

What a jerk my dad is sometimes .. haa haa. So my cousin is preggers and due in May but my dad could not resist joking around with her. No people I am not pregnant.


Kim said...

that doesn't surprise me....coming from the man who made Ed confess to condoms that weren't his!!

Annie MacKenzie said...

I know .. so bad!