Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Say No to Nylons

I hate nylons. I hardly ever wear them because they are such a pain to get on and then when I finally get them in the right place I usually end up getting a run in them. It is just never a good situation. Well this past Monday I had to meet with the Board of my agency, they rotate the Directors in to talk about what we are doing. I needed and wanted to dress up and since I haven't worn a dress since summer time I figured I would try.

I bought new nylons and even bought a size larger think it would help. I started putting the nylons on with my right foot and they were just sliding on .. I was excited. This larger pair was so much better, or so I thought. When I started to put the nylons on my left leg I had the opposite effect. It was so tight and cutting off circulation and I hadn't even hit my knee yet .. I could only imagine what it would feel like on my big thighs.

I don't get it. So I pulled off the nylons, stretched them out again and started over. Again my right leg was fine but my left leg was super tight. What the hell. Ok, my legs might not be the exact same size but my left leg is definetely NOT 20 pounds heavier. By now I am working up a sweat as I begin the battle of nylons versus Annie. I refuse to lose. I finally get them up and they aren't great but they will do only to find out that in the battle the nylons got ripped. Seriously!?! Why. There goes $4 bucks down the drain and 20 minutes of my life I will never get back.


Jess said...

That is exactly why I always wear thigh-hi's.... oh, that and they're SEXY!! =P

Kim said...

is there a calorie burning quota at WW for that?? :)

Annie MacKenzie said...

I don't think WW has factored that in yet but they should.

pantyhose45 said...

Don't be afraid of nylons. They are your friends.nylons are very sexy.Find the right brand and size and you should be fine. Does your Husband or boyfriend like nylons? Most men do.