Friday, February 27, 2009

Ummm, what do you say

In my Nylons post I got a comment from "Pantyhose 45". This is the person's info:

"I have a major pantyhose fetish. I love seeing women in pantyhose. I love talking about pantyhose. I think they are fascinating.I like hearing what people have to say about them. I would like to find women who really enjoy wearing pantyhose, and would love to talk about them with you, Or just let me know what you think of them and what brands and colors you like."

I don't think I am one of these people.


Kim said...

He doesn't work at the walmart in Raynham on the night shift...does he?? HAHAHA

Annie MacKenzie said...

No that was feet silly

Kim said...

It was still a creepy fetish!