Friday, February 6, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I read the book and found it helpful, I even let some of my friends borrow the book and read it, and I am sure they found it helpful. It is fine for us to figure out that someone is just not that into you but it is never acceptable for anyone to come out and say "I guess I'm just not that into you"

Let me back up, so the post about meeting up with an ex ... my friend KB had her boyfriend of 3 months go meet up with his ex g/f of 6 years. The ex g/f had broke up with him and actually started dating someone pretty quickly after that so you can only imagine all the hurt he was feeling. After 9 months of grieving for his old relationship he started dating my friend KB and they were inseparable. Both had gotten out of long term relationships, they were healing but also falling for each other. Then of course out of the blue his ex wants to meet and he says yes. What followed after was not good, things became rocky between him and KB and they ended up breaking up. He says he needed space to think things out.

This past week they were talking on Im and he says straight out "I guess I am not that into you" .. seriously .. what would possess anyone to say that. Talk about hurting someone's feelings big time.

Advice: Guys, it is NEVER cool to say "I'm just not into you" ... don't be a douche because you can.

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