Monday, February 16, 2009

Past Weekend

V-day was really nice. It started by me going to the hairdressers. I got some more highlights and a really nice cut. I chopped 2 1/2 inches off and I love it!

Hubby got my some beautiful roses, actually two sets of roses. One dozen red and one dozen pink. The back story for it is that he had booked the red roses to be sent on V-day back around Christmas. He thought of it then so he decided to just book it so he wouldn't forget. Anyway V-day comes and he is nervous because he didn't confirm with the florist and he begins to think what if they don't come. Hubby is smart so he races out to buy some roses just in case. I got home from the hairdresser to find the beautiful pink roses and then later the red roses arrived.

I hope this happens again next year because a girl can never have enough roses!

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