Friday, February 13, 2009



1. Dinner reservations, check

2. Book hotel room, check

3. Sexy lingerie, check

4. Present(s) for Hubby, check

I really do love Valentine's Day. Whether I am with someone or not I have had some great times.

Memory lane:

1. My first Valentines that I spent with a boyfriend was very special .. he sent me a dozen long stem roses to work, which was the local town restaurant. I remember getting my boss to let me wear a red shirt instead of our normal work shirts .. it was a big deal.

2. Another V-day that same guy sent me 40 to 50 print out v-day cards from the computer to my college dorm. The funny part was that in the computer program there was a standard name so on one of the cards he forgot and I got a V-day card for Sarah.

3. One college year a bunch of us single girls went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and drinks. It was SO much fun!

4. Another year as a single girl I remember a few of us wearing black shirts on V-day but wearing our sexy lingerie underneath.

5. One V-day with a guy that is no longer in the picture I pulled out the thigh highs and he asked me for a "foot job". Weird ... needless to say we didn't last. I knew it was over when he gave me an art book as a V-day present .. um hello .. V-day is about flowers and chocolate.

6. Going out to eat on V-day is fun but one V-day hubby and I stayed in. I made a really nice steak dinner and had candles everyone. It was very romantic.

This year should top all the memories though because this is the first Valentine's Day as a married couple.

Hope everyone has a happy V-day or as a Singles Awareness Day!


The Ramos Family said...

Happy First Married Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy your day...I will be spending Valentine's Day visiting your parents while they are in Dexter (Joe has to work)!

Annie MacKenzie said...

Nothing says romance like spending it with my parents .. haa haa! Have fun!