Thursday, August 27, 2009

No Longer A Virgin

I finally did it. I bought my first Mega Millions Lottery ticket. In fact I bought 10 numbers. Hey, the jackpot is up to $325 million, when it gets this high I think I should play besides someone needs to win so why not. I know its probably $10 bucks down the drain but a girl can dream.

Let the day dreaming begin .. oh the things I would be able to do.

1. Quit my job but donate money to the non-profit that I work for. (They desperately need the money)
2. Hire a financial budget planner because lets face it I never have had to deal with millions of dollars. (Hell I haven't even dealt with thousands of dollars)
3. Pay off my parents mortgage for them.
4. Redo our kitchen counter tops and bathroom counter tops with granite.
5. Hire a designer to make an amazing over the top "Man Cave" for my hubby.
6. Buy myself the Lexus SUV Hybrid. My father-in-law has one and I swear its the hottest car I have ever seen.
7. Throw an amazing kick ass party for all my friends and family.
8. Travel - CA and Hawaii then off to Spain, Italy and probably Germany to make the hubby happy.
9. Buy a hot NY Penthouse for the weekends. I don't know why both hubby and I would really like a condo there.
10. Pay off our mortgage.

Ya, that would be it for starters. Okay, back to the real world.