Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only 25 Cents

As Mrs. Pop says "If your life is a lemon, make it a lemonade. Then go out and find someone whose life is a vodka and have a party." I love this motto.

Yesterday as I was driving home from work I saw up a head on the main road some kids sitting outside their house with a little lemonade stand set up. The rule in our family is if you see kids with a lemonade stand you need to pull over and promptly buy some. Thus this is exactly what I did. Bonus, it was a one way street so I just drove up and put the window down. The AC was able to blast on me while I was delivered a nice cup of lemonade. The little boys were so excited to have a customer. They told me it was only 25 cents but since they were so adorable I gave them $1. OMG. Their faces were priceless. It's like my face when I find the perfect shoes on sale.

Needless to say I drove home jamming to the music and sipping my lemonade.

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