Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Naughty Facts

Every now and then you need to spice it up:

1. What is your favorite lingerie? My white teddy that I got for our honeymoon

2. Do you prefer to call them "panties" or "undies"? Panties

3. What is the weirdest thing a guy has ever said to you in bed? Will you give me a foot job - seriously - it was crazy.

4. What was your most erotic place to have sex? On top of a pool table, although my backed was messed up for about a week.

5. Favorite sexual position? Missionary

6. Have you ever gone commando out on a date? Yes

7. Have you ever been to an adult store? Yes, who hasn't

8. Have you ever had sex in public? No

9. Ever been to a female/male strip club? Been to both

10. Does anyone have naughty picture of you? Hope not


Ed said...

#3 wasn't me.

Kim said...

I have to disagree with #10!!!

Annie MacKenzie said...

Yes hubby you have never asked for a foot job which is probably part of why we have lasted :) Kim, sigh, I forgot about your evil picture ways.