Monday, August 31, 2009

Fantasy Talk

This weekend we had our football fantasy draft. It is always a good time and we ended in record time. It didn't even take us an hour. Holy shit. That never happens.

Anyway my team is coming along really well and I have one more person to pick. Who do I pick though. I already have enough backups when suddenly I remember Hank Baskett. He is not a top pick but I love him.

Before the draft I caught up on my reality TV by watching Kendra. I loved the Girls Next Door and am hooked on her new show. It was exciting watching her plan a fairytale wedding and now preparing for her little bundle of joy to arrive. Anyway a huge suprise is her hubby Hank. He is awesome. He always knows just what to say and seems really down to earth. Sigh, he is just adorable.

So this leads me back to the fantasy draft. Hubby had his last pick before me so I turn to him and say "I am going to draft Hank Baskett for my last pick and if you pick him just despite me then I will kick you in the nuts. Yep, you won't be able to have kids and I will still get pregnant so that could be ackward."

Needless to say I got Hank Baskett. Woo hoo!

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Kim said...

HAHAHA! That would have been quite the awkward moment!