Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well what did we do this weekend? Hmmm, any guesses. Yep, you said it we painted again. AHHHH. By Saturday I was exhausted and my hand was cramping up from all the painting, not a fun time. Anyway luckily we are done with the painting and putting the house back together. There is a God.

On Saturday we took a quick break from painting and stopped by Bernie & Phyll's. We ordered new living room items; two end tables, a coffee table and a new TV console. Check out what we have the new TV on currently (see below)its really not working. The cool thing with Bernie & Phyll's is that if you spend over $999 you get a free 15 inch HD flat screen TV from Best Buy. Woo Hoo. I have been wanting a small TV for the kitchen area and I was hoping it would be flat so it wouldn't take up a lot of counter space so this is perfect. Now when I am making snacks for the game I can still watch the game. I'm super excited. Also, the furniture if being delivered on Wednesday and they will set everything up for us which is also another little bonus.

Below are some pictures of the house getting back together:

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