Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Painty Mc. Paint Paint

When we first bought the house we were so excited to paint. After living in dorms and then apartments we were both so sick of white walls. Almost 2 years ago we bought the house and preceded to paint 95% of the house with new colors. Through the past 2 years we have made some changes but it really has been fun for the most part ... until now.

We hired a professional to paint out ceilings because we don't do ceilings. Well, his assistant f**ked it up big time and he had to retouch up to walls for us. Well I don't know what happened but the paint that was in the can doesn't match the paint on our walls. (Yes, it is the same paint). The places that he had to touch up look like highlighted versions of the original paint and yes it is noticeable. So we tried washing the walls and scrubbing which blended them a little but not enough. Thus we are painting the whole first floor - Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen (only one wall there thankfully), The Hallway, and below the chair rail in the bathroom.

Oh yes, I am also hosting a retreat for some of my staff on the 20th of August so it needs to be done by then. Which means what were we doing on a Tuesday night - well painting of course.

Some of the highlights:

Baby is exhausted after watching us paint.

The paint color is a tad lighter which will brighten the house and we do really like it so far. We just need to retouch up the edges in the living room and then move on to the dining room. Fun Times!! Damn, we should have done a painting party.

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