Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Baby

So most of you have met my cat, The Baby, or at least have seen pictures of her, like every Christmas card photo. One thing you all know about her is how she is anti-social and whenever people come over she usually hides under our bed.

Well back story is I got her from the animal rescue league and they thought she might have been abused while out on the streets (if I ever met the son of a bitch that hurt her I would slice him from his knads to his neck) but anyway I digress.

She comes out to greet us when we get home, we play with her until she says stop (well tries to bite us) and then she lies on her little belly while we watch TV. She is a cutie although she has this annoying habit of sitting on my lap while I am on my laptop. She NEVER sits on my lap but get me typing on the computer and its like giving her a yummie (what we call her treats) wrapped with catnip. Her butt ends up on my hands and her paws step all over the keys and I some how delete whatever I was working on but then she leans into me and nuzzles into me and I melt.

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