Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend of Drinking

Friday night I went out with some of my coworkers to Boston Beer Works for dinner and drinks. We had a few pitchers of blueberry beer. It was SO good. I drank more then I planned on but it was worth it. From dinner we went to Sully's for more drinking and found out that I am a bad ass when it comes to playing pool. Who knew? E and I kicked ass and won both games. We might have bent the rules slightly but we still played really well and our opponents didn't notice so all was good.

Saturday during the day we met up with some of Ed's friends and drank our asses off at Ocktoberfest. It was awesome. Sam Adam's had all sorts of draft & bottled beers for you to enjoy. The group got there early so they we able to snag a table and Ed and I showed up a little after them. It was great. We drank and played UNO but with drinking game rules. Damn, haven't done that in what feels like years.

We then stumbled out of beerfest and headed to grab some food but when we got outside it was POURING out. Damn. We waited it out a little under the tiny tent but the tent was leaking and I was hungry. We ended up making a run for it and went to the first place we saw. The food was good but then again when you are drunk ANY food is good.

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