Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week of Sun

Hello everyone,

Hope you have all been well. I had a fabulous week in San Diego. The flight was VERY long but once we stepped out into the sun everything became better. There was a nice warm breeze, the blue sky, palm trees all around and the warm sun. It was wonderful.

Things I like:
1. The weather. It was beautiful. Watching the weather on TV I almost took a picture. It said 7 days of sun. Just sun. No slight chance of showers, no partly cloudy, nothing but sun.
2. The hotel. I had a suite just for me and the bed was very comfortable. I was able to sprawl out with no husband or cat hogging the bed. Plus I love having a maid - it is the BEST thing ever.
3. The navy boys. So much military right there - who knew?
4. The workshops that I went to were interesting and I learned a lot.
5. Watching the Padres play the Dodgers. Petco Park stadium was really nice and much more modern then Fenway.

Things I didn't like:
1. The long ass flight. I wish first class wasn't so expensive. I have long legs and need more room. First flight was 5 1/2 hours and then the second flight was almost 2 hours.
2. Sitting in a windowless conference room with the sun shining outside.
3. Being so busy. From getting up early, to sit in the workshops, so hitting the streets to sight see.
4. Not having my husband there. It would have been really romantic to go to the ocean at night with him.
5. Listen to stupid people who ask stupid questions over and over during a workshop. Those people should be shot, hmmm did I say that, aren't I suppose to be helping people??

Here are a couple things I found out in San Diego.
1. People in CA wear scrunchies. Holy shit. FYI she is not a tourist but lives near SD.

2. The bakeries give large portions for low prices. This treat is 5 x 5 = LOVE

3. Lots of Navy.

Over all it was a really nice week but I am SO glad to be back!!

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